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1 Shirt, 4 Ways

By The Hippie Nerd @thehippienerd
1 Shirt, 4 Ways
1 Shirt, 4 Ways
I don’t know about you guys, butwhen I fall IN LOVE with a piece of clothing, I just want to wear it ALL THETIME! So here are 4 ways to wearthat perfect denim shirt you’ve just bought…
1st Way:  Stay CASUAL, yet CHIC on a Saturday afternoon by wearingyour denim shirt with a long skirt, flats, and a neon accessory.
2nd Way:  Combine it with skinny jeans and COOL pumps for a weeknightout!
3rd Way:  For a Friday night on the town, your denimshirt will look so CHIC with a black mini-skirt and choker necklace.
4th Way:  Mixing it with sequins (my FAVORITE) will make you lookready for the club!
I expect you all to try at leastone of these looks…
Collage: Yazmin YearaAuthor: Yazmin YearaEditor: Jenny Perusek
Love, THN*

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