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Sweet Potato-ey Goodness and a New Toy

By Chocolateandoranges
I tried a new recipe tonight- what was the occasion?  Well, Tuesday. :) But also the fact that I got a new (drumroll please) green le creuset french oven!  A few months ago I got a great deal on a 6qt lodge french oven (only $30 out of pocket after an amazon sale + a daily deal).  I bought the 6qt size because I read some reviews which recommended it since it was big enough to do most anything in (including roasting an entire chicken).  
Well, I love my lodge oven but it has two issues.  One, I don't roast whole chickens and probably won't anytime in the near future and I don't tend to make that large of quantities unless I'm doing a batch of chili or something like that.  Two, it's HEAVY and awkward and I've already dinged it and random things around my kitchen by dropping it.  So, I decided that I would splurge and buy something smaller that I could use every day since I do love cooking in a french oven.  Le Creuset just came out with their new fennel color and I LOVE green so it was just too much to resist!  So now I have the big lodge oven for the occasions I need it but something more practical for everyday use.  
sweet potato-ey goodness and a new toy
I had a great time breaking it in today with this amazing sweet potato and kale 'soup' - I say 'soup' because my version really came out to more of a thick stew but it tasted great anyway!  It's a little more decadent than I'd make for everyday consumption with a fair amount of calories (~450) for the volume (a small bowl) and quite a bit of fat due to the coconut milk but it was a nice little splurge and still pretty healthy.  I'm feeling bad for featuring so many katheats re-creations on here but I just really have found her recipes to be a perfect mix of tasty and simple.  I promise to branch out more though!
sweet potato-ey goodness and a new toy

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