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Facebook’s Live Stream: Professional Unprofessional Paperblog Pick in Social Media

Facebook’s Live Stream: Professional Vs Unprofessional

To catch all the attention from users facebook usually updates its version with more significant features. In the last facebook update it introduced the facebook’s live stream... Read more

York Times Product Worth Watching Paperblog Pick in Social Media

A New New York Times Product Worth Watching

The New York Times continues to experiment with new products and the latest of these is Watching—“expert TV and movie recommendations.” Read more


  • 7 Debunking Myths About An eBook Publishing

    Debunking Myths About eBook Publishing

    Since the world of eBooks for some still remains an unexplored territory shrouded with mystery and clouded by misunderstanding, despite their ever growing... Read more

    4 hours, 15 minutes ago by   Kharim Tomlinson
  • Top 5 Bachelorette Party Ideas and Tips!

    Bachelorette Party Ideas Tips!

    .... and the time for a host of bachelorette parties, of course! Wedding is the most crucial phase of anyone's life and with the bachelorette party trend, we... Read more

    11 hours, 16 minutes ago by   Amreen Shaikh
  • Sponsored Content: the Promising New Frontier (Part One)

    Sponsored Content: Promising Frontier (Part One)

    This week TheMarioBlog will look at the basics of sponsored content and how it can help newspapers and magazines, while providing valuable information for... Read more

    12 hours, 24 minutes ago by   Themarioblog