Celebrities — Justin Bieber

Celebrities — Justin Bieber

  • Justin Bieber is on Forbes Riches Under 30

    Justin Bieber Forbes Riches Under

    Justin Bieber shot to fame from being a youtube sensation. This teenager is not like the other earning minimum wages. He is said to have earned $53M in 2010.... Read more

    The 13 june 2011 by   Ketou
  • Justin Bieber Tops the List of Celebrity Newcomers

    Justin Bieber Tops List Celebrity Newcomers

    Justin Bieber has proved, Never say Never’. He is in position no. three on the list of most influential celebrities just behind Talks Show Queen, Oprah Winfrey. Read more

    The 18 may 2011 by   Ketou
  • DVD: Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

    DVD: Justin Bieber: Never

    Photo: Amazon.ca(Belieb it! Or not.)Directed by Jon Chu. 105 minutes. GNever Say Never may be the best tween concert documentary I've ever seen. Seriously. Read more

    The 17 may 2011 by   Cinefilles
  • Justin Bieber Nominated for 2011 Billboards Music Awards

    Justin Bieber Nominated 2011 Billboards Music Awards

    Justin Bieber got 11 nominations at the Billboards Music Awards. The awards will be held at Las Vegas on 22nd May. The biggest award the 17-year-old Bieber is u... Read more

    The 17 april 2011 by   Ketou
  • Is Justin Bieber Going to Be a Guest at Dancing with The Stars?

    Justin Bieber Going Guest Dancing with Stars?

    Contestant Romeo has said that if Bieber’s fans vote for him then he has a surprise for them and it has something to do with Bieber. “All the Justin Bieber fans... Read more

    The 10 april 2011 by   Ketou
  • Justin Bieber’s Lesbian Doppelganger : A Youtube Sensation

    Justin Bieber became a sensation after he was spotted on Youtube. Now we have a Bieber lookalike who has more than 600000 views on youtube. Read more

    The 08 april 2011 by   Ketou
  • What You and Justin Bieber Have in Common

    What Justin Bieber Have Common

    Lately, I’ve been thinking about what it would be like if your job search were like a musician’s search for work. Here’s what you can learn from their approach. Read more

    The 08 april 2011 by   Candacemoody
  • Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher for Buddy Film?

    Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher Buddy Film?

    Justin Bieber is reportedly in talks for the lead in a buddy movie alongside Ashton Kutcher. What Would Kenny Do? has been developed with the 17-year old... Read more

    The 31 march 2011 by   Silyasa
  • Justin Bieber In The Middle Of Royalties Lawsuit

    Justin Bieber Middle Royalties Lawsuit

    Justin Bieber is facing a lawsuit for his songs – One Less Lonely Girl. A fight over the song’s royalties has broken out and a lawsuit has been filed by artist... Read more

    The 29 march 2011 by   Ketou
  • Justin Bieber Supports Chris Brown

    Justin Bieber Supports Chris Brown

    On Tuesday Justin supported Chris Brown on Twitter. He tweeted , “Shoutout to Chris Brown who has ‘F.A.M.E.’ dropping tomorrow. Album is crazy. We got a record... Read more

    The 25 march 2011 by   Ketou
  • Justin Bieber the Party Range from Party Options

    Justin Bieber Party Range from Options

    Ah Justin Bieber. Never has one person dominated the trending topics of Twitter and facebook for so long. Thanks to an army of teenage Bieber fans, who have... Read more

    The 15 march 2011 by   Partyoptions
  • Justin Bieber's New Haircut

    Justin Bieber's Haircut

    I understand that Justin Bieber is a 16-year old Canadian singer. I understand that one of the reasons he's famous is because of his hair style. And now, I... Read more

    The 23 february 2011 by   Gerard
  • Eggs Thrown at the Bieber

    Justin Bieber had an eggy weekend at Australia. He was performing at Sidney on Friday when some fans decided to throw eggs at him. Luckily none of the eggs... Read more

    The 02 may 2011 by   Ketou
  • Charity Bouquet for the Mom with Bieber Fever!

    Charity Bouquet with Bieber Fever!

    Yes, it’s that time of year again–the time to panic wondering if you’ve forgotten Mother’s Day again! Don’t worry, Mother’s Day 2011 is still 8 days away. But... Read more

    The 30 april 2011 by   Steveliu
  • Bieber Fever Hits Madame Tussauds

    Bieber Fever Hits Madame Tussauds

    Amsterdam’s edition of the famous wax museum, Madame Tussaud will open with a new member this March – teen idol, Justin Bieber. Read more

    The 22 february 2011 by   Amsterdam City Tours