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Friends and Flowers.

This post has waaayyy to many pictures, but guess what? They are all worth the look. This weekend was an epic blast. EngageOKC hosted a fabulous OKC Blogger Speed Mentoring Event o... Read more

Paperblog Pick in Self Expression


Months ago I wanted a new dog.  I felt like there was room for one more.  As you have read, things happened and one of my beloved dachshunds became ill and had to be put to... Read more


  • Saying "I Love You"

    Love.One of the simplest words to write, to spell and to pronounce.Yet it's the hardest to understand, most complicated and most intriguing thing on earth.We al... Read more

    The 03 April 2012 by   A Happy Mum
  • Photo a Day: April Challenge

    This lovely little blog has seriously been lacking in photo department for quite some time. I hope to change that this month! I’m lucky enough to have a super... Read more

    The 01 April 2012 by   Gingercouturier
  • Scento Markers Review

    I was recently asked to review a set of Scentos markers. My kids love these markers! Not only are the markers fat and the perfect size for little fingers,... Read more

    The 25 April 2012 by   Ourlittlecorner
  • Laser Hair Removal : Diode Version

    I wasn’t born with hairless legs so I frequently battle with hair using different techniques. There’s shaving, waxing and veet creams. Read more

    The 27 April 2012 by   Khristinacarla
  • Today is the Day!

    I am back from Vegas…I am in the office…exhausted… but ready for another week…and to really start shaping up for summertime! On thing I really want to do is ton... Read more

    The 30 April 2012 by   Mattie
  • My Name is Not Khan (guest Post)

    My name is not Khan(guest post by Navin Mathew) My Name is Khan. The movie was endearing, the star is not. Shah Rukh Khan is perhaps the most pompous, over-rate... Read more

    The 18 April 2012 by   Alka
  • Is Your Neighbour a Jerk Face? Green Moss Graffiti to the Rescue…

    **********************************************GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBOURS **********************************************andGreen Moss Graffiti makes them... Read more

    The 05 April 2012 by   Lynne
  • National Kiss Day & Steph’s Scribe’s Top 5 Movie Kisses

    Dear Readers,Photo Credit: trulyloveable.comI hadn’t planned to write anything for the blog this on this lovely Friday the 13th, but now I feel inclined to do... Read more

    The 13 April 2012 by   Stephsscribe
  • Why I Will Never Get a Boob Job

    Do you know something? I don’t think my husband is lying when he says he doesn’t like hugely inflated, clownish breasts. If I ever ask him about it, he gives... Read more

    The 24 April 2012 by   Tempestra
  • Celebs with Glasses: Love Or Hate?

    I’ve been in need of contacts for a long time. And by a long time, I mean that I’ve probably been needing them for the last 5 years. Oops. Has anyone else out... Read more

    The 27 April 2012 by   Ncrimaldi


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