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  • Slimming the Natural Way

    I was perusing a shop near to my work with the name of Savers.  Savers, "where the smart shopper shops", sells a variety of low cost items generally of... Read more

    0 minutes ago by   Ravenswingthog
  • Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 3 Products Every New Mom Needs!

    Being a mom of 3, I have a pretty good idea what you need and what you don’t need when it comes to baby gear! It can be overwhelming for a mom-to-be when... Read more

    2 hours, 14 minutes ago by   The Fashionable Housewife
  • Food Tales That Never Fade

    The year was 2001. I like to call it the decade of the guests. Our house was quite like Liberty Hall. We always had a house guest or two. Or three, or five.... Read more

    4 hours, 38 minutes ago by   Vidyasury
  • Mummy & Daughter Style | September at Zara

    Sheepskin Leather Jacket ( £49.99) | Stone Wash Black Jeans (£29.99) | Black Leather Boots (£59.99) | Wine Coloured Jumper (£12.99)Bird Prin... Read more

    5 hours, 12 minutes ago by   Mummyb
  • Sunday Thoughts

    This verse was my daily reading this morning. I admit-Sunday is one of the days I remember best to do my devotional. But this verse went along quite well with m... Read more

    5 hours, 17 minutes ago by   Lizb12
  • The Interesting History of Food in Ireland

    There is no doubt that food is now plentiful in a place like Ireland. But there was a time, as you may know, when food was scarce, especially during the Potato... Read more

    7 hours, 23 minutes ago by   The Fashionable Housewife
  • Logan at Two Months Old

    Dear my sweet little Logan Berry, It's somehow been two whole months since you were born - two whole months since I've been able to hold you in my arms and see... Read more

    13 hours, 52 minutes ago by   Alex_bumptobaby
  • I Need to Be A Contortionist

    If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!One kid has not been very well for the last few days. She slept in our bed las... Read more

    21 hours, 48 minutes ago by   Suzanne Robinson
  • What’s in the PSK?

    Happy Saturday! Yep, I’m posting on a weekend! I thought I’d start doing that this week to finally start talking about essential oils around here, and... Read more

    The 29 August 2015 by   Beingmrsbeer
  • 318: Chicago Haul

    Good afternoon-as it's about four minutes to noon right now. I was all ready to get up at nine, and to be fair, I did open my eyes at 9:15am-but the blankets... Read more

    The 29 August 2015 by   Lizb12