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Seduction Is Fun, Attraction Is Not

By Stoffbyrd
You have heard me say Opening Sucks. But now for my new tag line:  Attraction Is Not Fun
I'm glad there is no attraction phase anymore. I think that's what is making seduction so fun for guys these days. The thing is you can only have 1 annoying phase in the seduction process, not 2. And that one annoying phase is still opening. It takes guys enough courage just to start up a conversation with a new woman that when you added this long drawn out complicated attraction sequence on top of their fear of opening, it was like - uh, this really isn't that much fun bro.  There wasn't a lot to look forward to even if you did go talk to her.
But if you can just get yourself to start approaching, now you can go straight into the fun part. Escalating. Enjoying the unique woman in front of you. Getting close to her. Holding her gaze. Basking in that natural sexual tension. Not worrying about outcomes or if she is attracted to you. Either way you always win.
Opening Sucks. Attraction is Not Fun. And Escalation was too complicated.
Seduction is fun again.

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