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Won't I Be Creepy If I Do This?

By Stoffbyrd
I want to try this but I'm scared I will end up being the creepy guy at my college.
This method is not about running around trying to be seductive with every single woman you come across or talk to. You don't have to try this on your best friends girlfriend, the older woman at the deli or your lab partner.
However, when you do meet a woman that catches your eye, and she is interesting, and you like her vibe, then now is a great time to slow down, hold her gaze and bask in the natural sexual tension between men and women.
Being seductive is not something you run around the bars doing, like being social. This is not pickup. This is NOT a game. This is relaxed. This is chill.  Don't force things. You do this on your terms - when you want. This is letting the game come to you, but being proactive at the same time.

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