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Rainy Day Shenanigans

By Blairbarnes

Today at work we had the sloooowest rainy day. I served about 10 tables and did about 5 buckets of napkins to pass the time because I was on the floor by myself. While trying to pass the time my co-worker and I were recalling some slow shift shenanigans. One place I worked used to hold the “Server Olympics” which consisted of a series of events that each server on would compete in such as : Blind Order Ringing, Napkin Folding Races, Tray Balance Challenges, and my favorite The Relay. The Relay was where each team had a specific number of server related tasks to complete relay style. Another co-worker recounted how her manager would go on the street and juggle when they were slow to bring in people. Rainy days also promote the forbidden “covert texting” there are tactics to this skill: putting your phone in the server book, in your apron pocket, under the service well at the bar, behind the line, in the walk-in is currently my favorite place to hide while using my phone. One can always notice the covert texter because they will be looking down at seemingly nothing and as soon as any manager or supervisor walks around a corner they quickly scatter as if nothing was going on.

What are some of your favorite slow shift shenanigans?

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