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off Schedule

By Chocolateandoranges
Given that my flight was mid-afternoon I was expecting a snack like a fruit & cheese plate, but I ended up getting a full meal.  I'll call this dinner since it was around 4:30pm Boulder time.   I didn't think I was that hungry but once I started eating I ended up polishing off the whole thing - it was surprisingly delicious for airplane food.
Dinner #1 was a caprese sandwich with vegetable soup, and a warm cookie for dessert.  
off scheduleoff schedule
off schedule
I hit the grocery store on my way home and got restocked on fruits & veggies.  Then I started in on laundry but got hungry since that I'd eaten so early and had Dinner #2: Udi's honey wheat bread with a laughing cow wedge and a fried egg plus a few strawberries.  There was also some snacking while cutting up the pineapple I bought.
off schedule
Tomorrow it's back to the real world which sadly has a lot less cookies and waffles. :)

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