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Not All Toilet Paper is Created Equal

By Adventuresinamyland

Not all Toilet Paper is Created Equal

Toilet paper is one of those things that you probably take for granted if you aren’t a university student like I am. Let’s face it, life is just all downhill after you have to start buying your own toilet paper.

First off, you actually have to remember to buy it, which most of the time leaves you dangerously close to a catastrophe. And second, you need to figure out what kind is the best for your tooshie. The first time you go to buy toilet paper for yourself is a big moment. You get to stand there and decide which one is the cheapest and/or if you’re going to splurge on yourself that month. So what do you do?

The cheapest toilet paper I’ve found is 4 rolls for 52p. It’s the Tesco brand and it’s absolute crap (pun intended.) Bascially you have to buy twice the amount of this kind because it goes twice as fast. Think of it this way, would you rather wipe with tissue paper or a good quality paper towel? Chances are you’re going to say that good paper towel.

The posh toilet paper costs £1.82 for 4 rolls which is quite a leap from the 52p Tesco brand. According to consumer reports, many things are taken into consideration when decided on what is the “best” toilet paper. Things like how easy the package opens, how easy it is to start a roll, whether the paper dissolves effectively in water, how much “water” the paper can hold, etc. are suddenly important points. This toilet paper passes all those tests with flying colours, and oh does it get better, it’s scented!

Now, this toilet paper smells like no other toilet paper I’ve ever smelled (smelt?) in my life. When you put it in the bathroom the next time you go in it will smell incredibly fresh. Then, it seeps out into the hallway, and when you live with two rugby players whose idea of a shower is dousing themselves in Lynx (American: Axe, douchebag in a bottle, etc. ) you need all the help you can get. It’s so worth the £1.82.

Happy wiping!

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