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Life Abroad: What Lurks Dark Corners Paperblog Pick in Expat

Life Abroad: What Lurks in Dark Corners

Something creepy happened to me while I was innocently living the expat life in Moldova a few years ago. Yes, Moldova is a country. The capital is Chișinau (I thought you migh... Read more

China’s Culture Club: Flower Power, Fruit Platters Laughing Gas! Paperblog Pick in Expat

China’s Culture Club: Flower Power, Fruit Platters and Laughing Gas!

From the outside, it looks like it could quite easily be a quaint British pub. Of course, finding said venue in the middle of China is debatable, but for a few split seconds we... Read more


  • UK Trends - Black Pudding Makes a Comeback

    Trends Black Pudding Makes Comeback

    To the horror of many (usually in the South of England and all over the USA) I was brought up with Black Pudding. It's almost better not to ask what's in it, bu... Read more

    5 hours, 41 minutes ago by   Expatmum
  • I Believe in Fairies

    Believe Fairies

    An over-hot day (we do get them once in a blue moon) took us back to the Plantation Garden for a spot of afternoon tea accompanied by a folksy duet. I’ve... Read more

    13 hours, 27 minutes ago by   Jackscott
  • Pressure Cooker Seafood Pasta (with Instant Pot Instructions)

    Pressure Cooker Seafood Pasta (with Instant Instructions)

    I needed a quick dinner tonight and it had to be seafood. I absolutely love seafood. This Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot Seafood Pasta is very tasty, rather... Read more

    The 27 August 2016 by   Feistytapas
  • Scenes From Iceland

    Scenes From Iceland

    Iceland has become a destination on fire the past few years, which makes me appreciate my 2007 birthday trip even more. I was there when it was still... Read more

    The 25 August 2016 by   Gail Aguiar
  • An Ode To Portuguese Croquetes

    Portuguese Croquetes

    Croquetes do not a meal make, but they are just the right size as a lanche (afternoon snack) and for late-night petiscos (Portuguese tapas) with your beverage o... Read more

    The 24 August 2016 by   Gail Aguiar
  • Pals At Praia Da Memória

    Pals Praia Memória

    This post is for my friend Helma Hoepken in Pennsylvania, who is less interested in buildings and urban art and more interested in Ice the Dog. I don’t blame he... Read more

    The 23 August 2016 by   Gail Aguiar
  • Tropical Disease Diary

    Tropical Disease Diary

    “How not to do it” – Uganda travel health advice from the muzunguThis month I have been bitten by Mango Flies and a spider. I have had Malaria and Scabies, a... Read more

    The 23 August 2016 by   Diaryofamuzungu
  • How to Wear a Saree with a Baby Bump

    Wear Saree with Baby Bump

    There were times during my pregnancy when I felt gorgeous (not whilst I was vomiting at the beginning or waddling at the end). Read more

    The 23 August 2016 by   Englishwifeindianlife
  • What Brings You To Porto?

    What Brings Porto?

    Our Belgian couchsurfer arrived today to walk the Camino de Santiago, with Porto serving as the gateway airport and city for her trip. Read more

    The 22 August 2016 by   Gail Aguiar
  • The Dreaded End of Summer

    Dreaded Summer

    Am I the only one who hates the end of summer? Every year, no matter where I am, how old I am or what's ahead, I feel almost depressed that another summer is... Read more

    The 22 August 2016 by   Expatmum


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