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How to Do Laundry European Style

By Adventuresinamyland

How to do Laundry European Style

#1. If you haven’t worn that shirt at least 3 times or those jeans about a bajillion times, kindly fold them back up and put them in the clean pile.

#2. Cram as much as you possibly can into a washer that is the size of a mini-fridge. Do not be discouraged; this is no easy task and takes months of practice before you can close the door on the first try.

#3. Wait approximately 2 1/2 hours for the wash cycle to finish. Proceed to turn on drying cycle to remove “dripping wet” effect.

#4. Remove literally steaming clothes from the washer after an 1 1/2 hours of annoying, constant whirring and squeaking noises. DO NOT burn your hands.

#5. Proceed toward the drying rack with your steaming ball of fabric.

#6. Attempt to drape clothes in a way that all the clothes can fit. Remove underwear as it is usually the only thing that is dry.

#7. In winter, drape anything leftover or that you need kinda soon over a radiator. In summer, hang it out the window/balcony/on the drying line and proceed to wait 2 days for thorough drying.

*If you forget your clothes outside and it, invariably, rains you do not pass GO and must start again from step #2.  :’(

Good luck!

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