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Honey and Mansions

By Chocolateandoranges
Lunch today was at Tupelo Honey here in Asheville.  This was on my 'must try' list and didn't disappoint.  The best part was the drink - rosemary peach lemonade. I must learn how to make this....
honey and mansions
They also brought out a biscuit and preserves.  Not sure what kind of preserves as they have a number of offerings on their website and I didn't see any description on the menu so it was a nice surprise when it showed up - maybe blackberry?  I seem to have missed out on the love of biscuits that everyone else seems to have so I only had half.  It was definitely good for a biscuit but I always find them kind of bland.  The preserves on the other hand were amazing.
honey and mansions
I tried to go healthy and avoided the grits/okra/beans bowl that I was initially tempted by and got a black bean burger with a side of brussel sprouts instead.  The burger was delicious although I'm not sure how much healthier it really ended up being since it was huge and on a huge buttered bun.  It sure was delicious though... :)
honey and mansions
After lunch - the Biltmore estate!  This was a fun day of touring a huge house and gardens followed by some wine tasting.  A total tourist attraction but still worth a visit if you're in the area (and have $40-$60 bucks to spare - depending on far ahead of time you buy tickets)
honey and mansions

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