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Help Us to Break the Menopause Taboo with the Mail on Sunday You! Magazine.

Posted on the 11 January 2011 by Menopausesupport @menopauseadvice

I thought you might like to help us here at Menopause Support to ‘break the menopause taboo’ by telling your menopausal story for anonymous publication in YOU magazine from the Mail on Sunday.  

I’ve just been contacted by Rosanna Greenstreet who is a freelance journalist writing for the YOU magazine, the Weekend Guardian, the Sunday Times and various other magazines. She is also a published author with a weekly column for the Guardian and has also written the book - My Body My Enemy, which is about a recovered anorexic Claire Beeken.

She has been commissioned by YOU Magazine to write a piece about the menopause and is looking for women who have been through or are going through the menopause. The interviews will be anonymous. She would like to ask women about their symptoms. Any remedies that have helped them. How they feel about themselves. How the menopause might have changed their lives and impacted on their sex lives. What the plus sides are and how they feel once they are out the other side.  

She would also like to talk to someone who has been through early menopause and also a woman whose menopause was brought about by illness or an operation.

I am going to be interviewed today and will obviously be talking about the Menopause Support Programme!  If you feel you could do the same I know this will really help other women to know how they can get support too.

If you are able to help then please telephone her on 0208 892 8773 or email her

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