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Heathrow’s Terminal 3 and American Airlines

By Adventuresinamyland

Heathrow’s Terminal 3 and American Airlines

I tend to measure the utility of any airport terminal based on how efficiently I can find myself standing in front of a stack of Bill Bryson books. That being said, Heathrow’s terminal 3 just does not deliver.

Not only did it take me ages to get to my darling Bill’s literature (B for Bryson. Try again. Travel books. Try Again. Travel Guides. NOPE!) I had to go through security no less than seven times. Yes, I packed my own bag. No, I’m not going to overthrow the U.S. government (at least until I get EU citizenship anyway).

Thanks for the cheap ticket American Airlines, but I think that I’ll be sticking with United from now on, if only because the shopping is so much better in Terminal 1. *Cue United theme song*

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