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Cloud Ads. Sox In The City.

Posted on the 10 July 2011 by Danthatscool @DanScontras

Ok.  I don’t care if you are a Red Sox or a Yankee fan.

Well, that might be a stretch.  Maybe even a wicked pissah of a stretch.  But regardless, there was some DanCool advertising puffed out over Fenway Park today.

Cloud Advertising is definitely not your Mother’s old school skywriting.   Companies and businesses in major cities are slowly starting to pick up on the trend, squirting little fog dots across the sky to promote their product to a captive, head tilted audience.  Mohegan Sun Casino is all about it lately, and has spread their message over beaches and ball parks using multiple planes flying in formations that even the Blue Angels would envy, pooping out smoke balls that are easier to read than a Kindle.

Using some crazy Geek Squad computer programming, multiple planes and more smoke machines than Celine in Vegas, these scrolling ads stretch for miles over the city.  According to some cloud ad sites, each letter is at least the height of the Empire State Building (…no, that is NOT a shout out to the Yankees…) and the message can be seen for 15+ miles.

Today’s Go Sox ♥ Mohegan Sun scroll brought the world to a rush hour stop as the message circled the city of Boston.  People were scrambling for their cell phone cameras like they just saw Big Foot. Even the rare green light didn’t get traffic moving while people were hanging out of windows channeling their inner Spielberg.

I can only hope that this fad catches on.  But not in the already played out jumbotron, flash mob “Jen Will You Marry Me?” kind of way.  If I see one more groom-to-be and his dorky wedding party doof their way through another Journey song outside the Mall, it’s not going to be pretty.

I’m talking about some serious OhNoSheDin’t smoke balls.

Think of the possibilities.  Think of your ex.  Or your boss.  Or any VH1 show on your DVR.  (And you know you have some on there….please.)

How sweet would a flyover be in your Baby Daddy’s neighborhood?  ”Where’s my money, Deadbeat?  See you on the Maury Show!”

This could be huge.  Start packing the Black Hawk with dry ice and a Dell laptop.  I can think of about 5 people right now that need a smoke bomb.

Celine?  You wish.


Cloud Ads.  Sox In The City.

Cloud Ads.  Sox In The City.
Cloud Ads.  Sox In The City.
Cloud Ads.  Sox In The City.
Cloud Ads.  Sox In The City.
Cloud Ads.  Sox In The City.
Cloud Ads.  Sox In The City.

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