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Zombie Proofing and Defense

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies

Image: Official Survival Kit of AMC's The Walking Dead TV show | large military style messenger bag | Perfect survival kit for one person and great for college students

AMC's The Walking Dead Survival Kit

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse? Find the supplies you need to protect yourself from a zombie attack!
Don’t get bitten. That’s the first, and most important rule.
The zombie apocalype doesn't have to mean your inevitable death.
I have compiled a selection of products to help address all your protection from zombie needs, including home repairs, defensive tools and zombie proofing.

Image: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter | Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine, or other chemicals

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Plan ahead!
Start now, by storing the following:
  • Lots of jugs of water - as many as you can store!
  • Canned goods (don't forget the can opener!)
  • Vacuum-sealed food goods (enough for 90 days)
  • Blankets and pillows (because you can't survive without your pillow!)
  • All your necessary medications (including your pets)
  • A weapon (if you know how to use it properly)
  • A knife (in addition to your weapon)
  • Warm, long sleeved clothing (even if you live in a warm climate)
  • Carrying bag (for carrying your stuff when you have to run!)
Add in: Batteries, Flashlights, Dry Matches, Pot (for cooking or boiling water), eating utensils (plate, mug, spoon, fork), Rope or twine, Paper maps, Permanent markers (or pens/pencils to write with), Lighters, Camp stove and propane, Hatchet or axe, First aid book, Sunglasses (got to look cool!), Duct tape, Glow sticks, Boots, Extra pants, Smartphone (with extra battery), Water filters.
Have a back up for everything. Back up generators, batteries, ammunition, food, escape routes, weapons supplies, vehicles, leaders and so on...

Image: The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, by Max Brooks (Author). Publisher: Broadway Books; 1 edition (September 16, 2003)

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

1. Home Repairs
Zombie assaults will create major chaos, both inside and outside your home, and you will need the following supplies to clean-up after.
• Carpet stain removal - killing zombies can be a messy job. Who wants to live with all those blood stains on your rugs?
• Patching Walls - Swinging that baseball bat or hatchet can result in a few holes in your walls. You don't want to leave any opening for the zombies to get back in, so start patching!
• Window and screen repairs - Fuel may be scare and the power is probably out, so  make sure to repair your broken windows or screens. No need to let the zombies in!
• Regrowing trampled plants, flowers and lawns - You may not be in Homes and Gardens any longer, but who doesn't appreciate a pretty garden. Don't let the zombie horde trample your garden and lawn!
• Cleaners and Detergents - After dragging those zombies out of your house, clean-up  left-behind stains and "wreckage" with your stockpile of heavy-duty cleaners and detergents.
• Automotive tools and accessories - The Undead don't care if you're covered for automobile or property damage! You are going to have to fix it all yourself so be prepared, with everything from auto tools to body repair to cleaning.

Image: Two Person Supply 3 Day Emergency Bug Out S.O.S. Food Rations, Drinking Water, LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, First Aid Kit, Tent, Blanket, ACU Poncho + Essential 21 Piece Survival Gear Set

Food Rations, Drinking Water, LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, First Aid Kit, Tent, Blanket, ACU Poncho

2. Zombie Defense
You probably have many of these multipurpose tools already in your home. Not only can you use them for routine home projects and maintenance, but they can be very effective when defending your family and home from zombies and other invaders.
• Nailguns, Sledgehammer, Shovels and Pick Axe - Destroying their brain is the only surefire way to neutralize the zombie, and these tools will do the job nicely.
• Gloves and Protective Gear - You need to protect yourself during a zombie outbreak. In a perfect world, zombies would never get within biting range. But because it can happen, you will need protective gear.
• Power and hand tools - Any hand or power tool you have can be used to repair your home, and in a zombie assault! You should always be prepared to grab the most essential tools in your shop before taking cover.
• Chain Saws and Hand Saws - Keep your hand saws are sharp and your chain saws fueled, because you are going to want to clear away any hedges blocking your view of on-coming zombies and attackers.
• Tool Chests - With your zombie tools-of-defense organized and accessible, you will be ready to protect yourself and your family at a moment’s notice.

Zombie Proofing and Defense

NC Star Zombie Infected Kit

3. Zombie Proofing
Avoid the zombie hordes altogether by fortifying your home against the undead.
• Nails, Screws, Bolts and Fastener - Nail it, screw it or bolt it? What is the best type of fastener to use when covering your windows with planks of wood?
• Door Locks and Deadbolts - Once you have made sure your home is tough and durable, be very picky about your locks. The best suggestion are dead bolt locks. It really is the best kind of lock to keep out the undead and remain one of the survivors.
• Alarm Systems - You could use a string of tin cans, or better yet, one of these systems to alert you to oncoming zombies.
• Power Generator - Converting fuel to electricity with a power generator can mean all the difference to your survival during a zombie apocalypse, because without that hot cup of coffee in the morning, is life really worth living?
• Face Masks - In the event that your zombie neighbors begin to smell, battle that next-door stench with these face masks. Get one for everyone in the family!

Image: The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide, by Lauren Wilson (Author), Kristian Bauthus (Author). Publisher: Smart Pop (October 28, 2014)

The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide

4. Eating During the Zombie Apocalypse
• Zombie Survival Food - The 'Just in Case' Food Supply: Survival Tabs for zombie situations. Compact design allows for easy storage when you are on the run!
• Survival Gear Paracord 30pcs Emergency Kit - Emergency Essentials in One survival Kit. Find food with Fishing Hooks, Fishing Line, Floats and Weights. Find your path, start a fire, make a trap, whistle to get help. Stabilize a tent, build a shelter, create hunter traps, care a wound and more
• Star Ready to Eat Complete Meals w/ Flameless Heaters - Bugout Bug Out Survival Emergency Bags Kits for Disasters and Zombie Apocalypse
• Emergency Survival Food Storage Kit - Good enough to eat now and stores well enough to be there when you need it years from now! Soy free, GMO free, no MSG, no aspartame and no high fructose corn syrup
• Emergency Survival Water - Emergency purified water for immediate use; lightweight and extremely compact
What if it's already too late... and the zombies got you!? Check out our article:

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