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Zombie Apocalypse

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

Zombie Apocalypse

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It is my sincerest regret to inform everybody that there will be no zombie apocalypse! Following the recent and most unfortunate killings by various acts of cannibalism, there have been stirs that the world may be in the mist of a zombie apocalypse. Now while I am aware that many of you are joking although, these murders were anything but funny, I am also painfully aware that many of you were not so humorous in your thoughts and have gone quite overboard with trying to protect yourselves against the “foreseen threat”.

After hearing about cases where people have bought guns and barred themselves in their homes waiting for the dead to attack, I just began to wonder if maybe there is something in our water system that has made these people so unintelligent. It pains me to believe that with all the technology in the world today, people can still find the most obscure reasons to why something might be happening.

The regrettable case of the homeless man whose face was chewed off, was caused by another human apparently high off of either bath salts or something now known as super ganja. Also, the unfortunate incident regarding the gentleman that killed his roommate and ate his heart and parts of his brain were also not caused by zombies. I wish I did not have to say it, but that gentleman was a psychopath who happened to like killing and eating human parts. It is called cannibalism people!

So for everyone going around fearing that there is about to be a zombie apocalypse, stop!

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