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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
And today Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that his party would support the establishment of a government with any and all Zionist parties, from Meretz to Yamina...
and there is always a but. Often a big but. An exception of one kind or another.
Lieberman said he would support the formation of a government with any and all Zionist parties, from Meretz to Yamina, except not with the Tzionut Hadatit party and not with Shas or UTJ. Lieberman said Tzionut Hadatit is an anti- Zionist party because their agenda is to turn Israel into a halachic state. Shas and UTJ he didnt give an explanation for but just stressed that there is no way he would sit with them - he has said before the Haredi activists are unacceptable (and he has said worse, much worse, about them too).
It would seem "Zionist" is not really the issue. Tzionut Hadatit represents communities that send their young men and women to the army, and to the elite units of the army, and serve the State in many ways, and are the most active and aggressive in settling the land, especially in Judea and Samaria. Shas and UTJ have, through their proxies, joined WZO, so they can also be considered Zionist parties, no matter how loudly they may deny it (UTJ, that is, not Shas). 
And, where does Raam fit into this? He just sat with them but they arent a Zionist party. Are they within the range of "from Meretz to Yamina" or are they out of that range but still ok?
I am not sure "Zionist party' is actually his criteria, so I dont know why he keeps using it.
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