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Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Posted on the 01 August 2019 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

eBay dropshipping is increasing popularity among marketers for long now and many programs have been developed to automate or help you in some areas of this business, as well as if you are looking for software that will help you find the best selling products on eBay. Look no further, Zik Analytics is the best software you can find on the market.

Zik Analytics Discount Coupon 2019 Save 40% (Try Now)

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now) Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Powered by dropshippers, this tool quickly became the most important tool for an eBay Dropshipper, even better than Terapeak, which was the best tool to find products on eBay, but eBay has bought eBay. The beginning of the year and some features, such as the competitive search, have changed and are no longer useful for eBay dropshippers.

Why is Zik Analytics best search tool for eBay in the market?

The following main reasons suggest that Zik Analytics is the best software to find successful products on eBay:

Made by dropshippers: to help them find what and how to sell on eBay.

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Ability to search for a category and find eBay's Category Search:best selling products for that category.

Market Research: You can check the date to list a product. Market research helps you determine if an item is working properly on eBay. You do not have to guess.

Competitive Research: See other dropshippers and find out which products have been on eBay for the last 7, 14, 21 or 30 days.

Store Analytics: A great tool to understand the important statistics of your eBay store, such as B. Share of sales, number of products listed, income and more.

Online Seminars: As mentioned earlier, the tool owner is a drop shipper, providing up-to-date information and questions and answers in the Facebook group to help you. to the community and answer all your questions.

Private Facebook Group: Excellent community, you can ask your questions and make sure they are answered. It is a very active community on eBay.

Gurus sometimes charge a lot of money for private lessons. In Private Mentoring for SkyRocket Your Dropshipping Company on eBay:Zik Analytics, you'll find a number of powerful dropshippers that can help you grow your eBay business and take it to the next level. Minimal fees in exchange for your time, far better than random gurus on Facebook or YouTube you know nothing about.

The Tools For Creating Your Own Business On eBay.

Zik Analytics includes many software tools that allow eBay sellers to find and sell profitable items on eBay.

Search tool for competitions

The competitive research tool can provide analytics data from any other seller on eBay. In this way, marketers can learn about the strategies of their competitors and see what they are selling to get more product ideas and to ensure that they are always up to date.

Product research Tool

With the Product Search Tool, sellers can do a thorough analysis of all products currently on eBay to see if it's a potentially profitable opportunity. The tool allows sellers to see how fast an item is sold, how many competitors it has, how high the average selling price is, how many percents of eBay ads are successful, and much more a few clicks.

Title analysis

Using the securities analysis tool, sellers can view a list of general and long-tail keywords that they need to use to list their items in order to earn a high position on eBay and increase sales in their lists. The tool displays the number of sales that generate ads using the selected keyword, as well as the number of competitors using each keyword so that sellers can determine which keywords are best for their articles.

Search tool category

With the category search, sellers can scroll through the categories and niches of the best-selling items at a glance. Using market research data, marketers can further analyze the revenue potential of each niche using statistics such as eBay's total revenue or the latest revenue trends. from Google.

Save analytics

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

ZIK's store analysis helps sellers reach their sales goals and track their store performance by displaying a graphical view of their last 30 sales days in their store.

With the tracking system, providers can also figure out when to list the items to get the most sales in their store. In addition, they can use a new page that displays the items in their store to find out where to look for other items. Load. Business is selling faster and more. They are the ones with the most money.


ZIK Pro is an optional update from ZIK Analytics, which opens new market research tools.

ZIK Pro includes an instant search engine that analyzes competitors for the latest opportunities, as well as a recently published tool that allows sellers to access the 500 best-selling eBay items in the last 3 hours. Real-time.

ZIK Analytics Today

Today, Zik Analytics has more than 4,000 active members and continues to grow rapidly. What started as two tools has become a complete set of tools for marketers to open their own business on eBay.

ZIK Analytics strongly believes in treating its members as partners and, as such, providing the best support and support for their success.

Members have free access to the ZIK Academy, an online video training course with over 25 videos, where they learn everything they need to start their own business on eBay. In addition, members have access to webinars and tutorials and can participate in regular Facebook live events, where they can ask questions on the very active ZIK Facebook community.

Here are awesome ZIK Analytics tools to build your eBay business, with these tools:

You can quickly find millions of hot products

Fill your eBay store with profitable items! Get eBay Sales data of all items and see what products have A huge sales potential. Filter for sales, comments, and prices to find interesting earning opportunities. Then save the found products and export them into your listing software.

You can learn from providers who dominate the market.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors. Scan all Electronic provider that uses the competition's research tool to Be inspired for new product ideas. See you soon which sells well, and learn the strategies that Successful sellers usually dominate on eBay.

You can discover the best-selling article categories

Discover the article categories for hot products. Access to the Sales potential of each category with data such as Total sales on eBay, average price of the product, Direct sales rate or Google sales trends. Then dive into the niche to discover it Best selling items and best-rated offers.

Get your products on the first eBay search page. Results View the best keywords for each eBay product, sorted by a number of competitors and sales. Then use the data to create titles that you use to classify High product and sales figures for your ads.

Why should anyone use eBay Dropshipper Zik Analytics?

You can classify your products higher than your competitors
Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

It's clear that you can find products that you can sell on eBay through the eBay website itself. Here are the main reasons why you should use Zik Analytics:

This will help you to understand more quickly what you can sell on eBay than to do it manually. In addition, you can create titles that have proven to be sold so that your articles can withstand the competition and better position themselves in the results. eBay search.

It also has a mass scanner that lets you search your competitor's eBay store in minutes and find the best sellers on eBay that you can then load into your store and earn profits.

You have a FREE 7-day trial that gives you plenty of time to use the software, find the best-selling products on eBay, and list them in your eBay store.

How You Can find the best keywords for your eBay listings

This is How You can create the best-selling titles with great keywords

Long-Tail Keywords

You always have to think like a buyer when creating a title for your ad.

In detail, you should consider: What could a buyer write to find your product?

This is where you get to know the term "Long Tail Keywords"

So, what are the long tail keywords?

In short, long-tail keywords usually consist of 3 or 4 very specific keywords.

Take the following example: Here's the difference between a general and a long-tail keyword:

Generic Keyword - iPhone

Long Tail Keyword- iPhone 6s black

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

If you're a shopper, it's unlikely that you're just looking for "iPhone" because you get a lot of search results, including the different iPhone types and colors that you do not care about.

And if you sell an "iPhone 8 64GB", you probably will not be afraid it will appear on page 67 if someone searches for a common keyword such as "iPhone", as this is a very unlikely act of relevant potential. buyer

With all the different types and colors of the iPhone, the chances of the person searching for his "iPhone 8 64 GB Gold" on eBay are minimal!

Instead, make sure your title starts with meaningful long-tail keywords to make your ad more relevant to the eBay search engine.

In addition, long-tail keywords work well because they're less competitive, so you automatically get higher search rankings for important keywords.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords with Amazon

The first thing to do is to do a first keyword search to get a sense of the niche.

Step 1: Select an article you want to send

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

For this article, I have chosen as an example of a table for food planning. Here is a list on eBay:

And the same article on Amazon:

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Step 2: Find the long-tail master keyword for the item in the title.

Look for your article for the long-tail keywords, where you think shoppers tend to write to find it. For this example, I suggest that the most common expressions are "weekly food planner" or "weekly meal planner".

Step 3: Copy the long-tail keyword from Amazon (and eBay) to compare it to other product titles.

Enter your Long Tail keyword on Amazon and eBay. Then spend 2 minutes searching for trends and patterns of other titles of similar products.

This works especially well on Amazon, as marketers often spend more time and money searching for title keywords than eBay sellers!

These are eBay search results. Look what you can notice:

In addition to the "weekly card": See how all these lists use keywords like "family preparation"?

The top list was sold 436 times and the bottom list 180 times. These are good signs!

Keep these keywords in mind and we will now analyze our results with Zik Analytics.

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Using The ZIK Analytics Title Search Tool

It's time to use our results and combine them with ZIK's market research to create an interesting, keyword-rich selling story.

Go to ZIK Analytics and place your long-tail keywords in the product search. Then select the top 100 articles, click "ZIK Selection" and select "Title Analysis" to begin the market analysis.

ZIK Analytics Shows You:

That's how you can start creating the title.

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

eBay titles can be up to 80 characters long. ZIK provides a useful feature that lets you click on the different keywords to create a title without going over the limit!

We can start by adding our original keyword "Long Tail" to our title, which was "Weekly Meal Planner". It makes sense that this is a term buyers are looking for.

Then we can search for other best selling long-tail keywords. It is very important to remember that we are not just looking for high-tail, high-turnover keywords. We want to use long-tail ZIK keywords with low competition and high revenue.

A long-running keyword with 100 competitors and 100 sales might seem interesting, but it's actually a long-term keyword with only 10 competitors, but 75 sales would be more advantageous. It's about finding the right balance.

Fortunately, the ZIK has an assessment column that facilitates the analysis.

  • The 3 highest-selling titles in the niche.
  • A list of long-tail keywords with their level of knowledge (how many lists they contain) and the highest-rated selling
  • A list of popular generic keywords in the lists.
Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

It is more logical that we use the "dry magnetic menu" instead of the "dry weekly deletion" because even if their sales are equivalent, the competition is much lower.

You'll also remember that we're looking at keyword patterns at Amazon and eBay. One of the long-term keyword trends in the best-selling versions of this article was "Family Preparation." We can, therefore, consider adding it to the title if we have room.

Once we've found all the long-tail keyword phrases, we can add some creativity (read this for more information) and look at the suggested generic ZIK keywords to finalize the title.

Once you've done that, you should end up with the title PERFECT, which is optimized for high sales (no high calls!).

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Take a look at the title we created!

ZikAnalytics Pricing Plans(Zik Analytics Discount Coupon)

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Enterprise Plan

Starter Plan

How You Can Find Best Selling Items On eBay With ZIK

How You Can Integrate ZIK Analytics With Salefreaks

Salefreaks is an advanced arbitration software that automates the entire process of sending consignments, creating lists, optimizing prices, communicating with buyers, and completing orders. Currently, direct shipping of Amazon items to eBay, Bonanza, and Shopify is supported.

$ 50/mo

Some Benefits Of Using Salefreaks To List ZIK Products:

$600 Billed Annually

There are many platforms for listing your items. So make sure you do your own research, but here are some key features of Salefreaks:

  • eBay Product Research
  • eBay Category Research
  • eBay Competitor Research
  • eBay Keyword Research
  • AliExpress Market Research
  • Wholesale Supplier Database
  • ZIK Pro Expert Plan FREE
  • (1500 monthly scans for Amazon
    US, UK, DE, FR, CA, Walmart, and Home Depot)
$ 40/mo

Why Should You Integrate ZIK Analytics Into Salefreaks?

$480 Billed Annually

Salefreaks integrates seamlessly with ZIK Analytics so you can export all of your articles and easily create eBay ads.

  • eBay Product Research
  • eBay Category Research
  • eBay Competitor Research
  • eBay Keyword Research
  • AliExpress Market Research
  • Wholesale Supplier Database
  • ZIK Pro Professional Plan FREE
  • (700 monthly scans for Amazon
    US, UK, DE, FR, CA, Walmart, and Home Depot)

Once configured, you can download ZIK Analytics articles in SaleFreaks with just a few clicks. This saves you an infinite amount of time when adding items manually.

You can edit information such as eBay prices and ZIK Analytics titles to list them as you click in Salefreaks to load them. If you prefer, you can also download the CSV file, edit the titles in a spreadsheet, and then manually upload your items to Salefreaks.

$ 25 /mo

This also works if you have multiple eBay accounts connected to your Salefreaks account. After loading articles in Salefreaks, you can select the store where you want to create the lists.

$300 Billed Annually

Remember, you'll need to create a list of items to export before you can list your items at Salefreaks. We'll show you how it goes on.

  • eBay Product Research
  • eBay Category Research
  • eBay Competitor Research
  • eBay Keyword Research
  • AliExpress Market Research
  • Wholesale Supplier Database
  • ZIK Pro Tools
  • (700 monthly scans for Amazon
    US, UK, DE, FR, CA, Walmart, and Home Depot)

To create an article list in ZIK Analytics that can be exported to Salefreaks.

Create A Folder With Items

To organize all the items you want to list with salefreaks, you need to create an item folder. Once you have an item folder, you can save any active items that you use by using the tools provided with ZIK Analytics, such as B. the manual scanner found.

Creating an item folder is very easy and you can only do two simple steps:

In the Zik Analytics Control Panel, go to the Admin section - My Folders.

  • List templates that have been optimized for SEO to increase your sales performance
  • The automatic re-evaluation of items to avoid the risk of price changes and to beat the competition
  • Integrated CRM for easy communication with buyers and fast response to template messages
  • Automatic processing of eBay orders, including uploading tracking information and purchasing the Amazon product
Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Enter a folder name and description, and then click the Add Folder

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Once you click Create Folder, the folder will be displayed.

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

If you do not create a folder, you can still save items. However, all saved items are displayed in the "unorganized folder".

Add items to the Items folder using the manual scanner

You can add items to a folder each time you use category search, contention search, or product search tools. That's how it's done:

After a search, you need a product list.

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Pay attention to the green and red buttons next to the products. A green button means that ZIK Analytics finds 99% of the object on Amazon, while a red button means that ZIK Analytics can not find it and has to search for it manually.

Click the green or red button next to the item you want to save.

If you click on a green button, a pop-up window will appear, displaying the article on Amazon and eBay as follows:

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

However, if you click a red button, a pop-up similar to the following will appear, as ZIK Analytics can not automatically find the item on Amazon. For these elements, you must manually search the ASIN and then click Reload in the Reload ASIN box. To find the ASIN, you can search Google for the product image or part of the product description.

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

Select the folder where you want to save your items and click Add to List.

Your articles are now available in your file and can be downloaded on Salefreaks.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Zik Analytics Review 2019: Zik Analytics Discount Coupon Save 40% On Yearly Plan (Try Now)

In the above article, you get detailed insights about Zik Analytics and its various pro tools. If you are using ZIK for your eBay dropshipping business, I must say you will never get disappointed. Let me know in the comments section below what you liked the most about ZIK Analytics and share it on your social media handles.

Zik Analytics Review 2019+ Discount Coupon Save 40% (Try Now)

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