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Zigzagging on Corona Rules Again

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
More confusion with the setting of Corona rules. 
Minister of Health Yuli Edelstein announced today that they are thinking of doing away with the increased restrictions over the weekends that were recently put in place.
According to Edelstein they are thinking of removing the extra restrictions because they do not actually do anything except frustrate people and disturb the public. They do not actually accomplish anything.
I think that was pretty obvious to start with. Letting everything be open almost normally and allow people out all week long and then shut down the minimal business and public recreation that is open on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Saturday night, is kind of pointless. Either make a full shutdown for a few weeks to nearly fully get rid of Corona again (which is being considered), or don't, but these half measures do not do anything.
Edelstein's statement just shows that they are shooting from the hip and not working with an actual plan or using logic to determine what might help and what might not. Did they really think that all week long people can go to the beach but shutting the beaches on Saturday would beat Corona? Malls can be open all week but a Friday afternoon shutdown will beat Corona?
Get your house in order, Israeli government. I know and understand that this is a tough situation and it is hard to make such decisions, but when there is no logic behind them it makes it less likely the public will follow them.
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