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Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly

Posted on the 12 July 2021 by Ankit Prakash @ankitpr89

Collaborating with remote teams, managing calendars, sharing files, and much more can be overwhelming when you are doing it with a team of people located in different time zones.

Thanks to Zenkit, a project management software that enables managing everything on a single platform.

Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly

Cost, scalability, features, and integrations are a few factors that most businesses consider while choosing the right project management software.

Zenkit is among a few other project management software available in the market that is available in Android and iOS.

The cloud-based project management solution is an excellent fit for businesses of all sizes. It enables enterprises to integrate with other business systems, manage tasks, assign tasks to team members, and track status.

Zenkit is an advanced project management application that offers some of the best features that help teams improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. Click To Tweet

Managed CRM manually; budgeting, resource allocation, scheduling, task management, reporting, and communication can take a humongous amount of time. However, with Zenkit, it can all be managed efficiently with a few clicks.

Compartmentalization, data retrieval, tracking, and promotion are all made seamless with Zenkit.

Whether you are looking to train and onboard employees or improve your team's internal communication, Zenkit has got you covered.

The Zenkit also supports mobile apps that offer split-screen on iPad. The software also enables an interface between different phones and tablets.

Thanks to the integrations, Zenkit allows users to work with thousands of other apps too!

Benefits of using Zenkit

Project management tools

Assigning and performing tasks and specific functions is a lot easier when you work with the right tools.

Timely results, streamlining processes, and simplification of the functions are a part of the deal when you opt for Zenkit.

Project-based perspective

Zenkit enables users to publish each project with a separate accessible link. It helps to monitor and classify projects better. Every project lead can skillfully manage their project by tracking the progress and staying updated about the changes in the project.

In the My Calendar feature, all the data is available in one place. Real-time project status is available at one place for multiple projects making it easy to manage and make decisions based on real-time data.

Web Applications

Zenkit enables users to customize various apps. It helps users to enjoy the use cases for multiple tablets and smartphones without a lot of hassles.


Communication between teams is made easy with the organized and seamless process that enables users to collaborate on a single platform.

Tracking made easy

Tracking multiple projects is made easy since Zenkit enables tracking in real-time easy whether you are accessing data, viewing a report, or checking the project status.


Seamless integrations with calendars, ERP, accounting systems, CRM, and others enable the hassle-free and efficient project, process, and task management.

Updated versions, wikis for creating a knowledge base, and mobility are a few other benefits of using Zenkit.

Features of Zenkit

Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly

Usecases of Zenkit

Project managers, product managers, startups, entrepreneurs, academics, students, event planners, and agile development teams benefit the best with Zenkit for Classic Project Management, Agile projects, Kanban, Gantt Chart, Task Management, Business Process Management, and Collaborative Database.


Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly
  • MS Teams
  • iCalendar
  • Integrations with thousands of apps through Zapier.

Review of Zenkit from G2Crowd and Capterra:

Zenkit vs Slack

Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly
    Zenkit offers a free version, and the pricing model for the paid plans are feature-based. Best suitable for large teams and individuals looking to track projects.
Zenkit offers tons of exciting features; however, time & expense tracking is not available.
  • Easy to use, helps in staying organized, and enables tracking progress are a few positive reviews. A bit of trouble starting was a negative point noted by the reviewers.
  • Slack offers both a free trial and a forever free version. The paid subscription starts from $8 per month and is best suitable for small and big organizations.
  • Client portal, resource management, Kanban board, cost-to-completion tracking, idea & portfolio management, Gantt view, and customizable views are not a part of the Slack features.
    Reviewers found Slack to be easy and centralized communication. But reviewers also found that Slack performs poorly with the interface, and users are required to log in for every slack channel making it cumbersome for the users.

Zenkit vs Basecamp

Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly
  • Basecamp offers a free trial and a forever free plan and begins the subscription plan at $99 per month.
  • Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small and large businesses find Basecamp to be helpful.
  • Basecamp does not offer features like Kanban board, the cost to completion tracking, and portfolio & resource management.
  • Zenkit offers a free version, and the paid subscription plan starts at $9 per month. Teams and large organizations find it easy to track the project status.
  • Reviewers found Basecamp to be good for tracking work, customization, easy project management, and an excellent solution for creatives and marketers. However, deleting comments and a few other issues have led to a few users moving to a different product.

Reviewers found Zenkit to be easy to use, helpful in organizing tasks and tracking progress and processes. However, the lack of an android app seems to be an issue.

Zenkit vs Asana

Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly
  • Asana offers a free trial and a free version, and the paid plans start at $10.99 per month. Reviewers find Asana to be very helpful for managing projects, teams, tasks, and processes.
  • Easy to collaborate with teams on tasks, managing progress, and helps users to stay updated on the project status are a few positive pointers by the reviewers. However, reviews suggest that the users may dislike the lack of recurrent task functions and found it confusing while managing different projects and privacy settings.

Zenkit offers a free version, and the paid plan starts from $9 per month. Works best for teams and individuals looking to track their projects.

Reviewers found Zenkit easy to use, helps users stay organized, and works as an excellent tracking tool. However, reviewers found it confusing initially and found it difficult not to have an android app. Click To Tweet

Success Stories of Zenkit

Bäckerei Sipl Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly

Bäckerei Sipl is a medium-size bakery in Bavaria, Germany. The family-run business is very famous for its traditionally made cake, pastries, and bread. Bäckerei Sipl has over six hundred employees and is a proud user of Zenkit for their team wiki, process, and task management.
Franz Sipl, the owner of Bäckerei Sipl, found it challenging to manage and keep track of hundreds of employees. He introduced Zenkit to his teams and found that tons of task management were managed effortlessly through Zenkit with its rich features.

CRM, meetings & task management, financial planning, internal chat, and other operational processes are accessible through Zenkit.

Zenkit enabled Bäckerei Sipl to manage communication efficiently between different stores and the head office. For an extensive bakery brand, managing machine repairs is crucial for the smooth running of the business.

With Zenkit, they can log queries by creating a new item to review and assign the tasks to the concerned personnel. The designated person can update online after the completion of the task.

It helps the company to track issues, assign tasks, and manage them transparently. The centralized view works like an online database that helps in tracking history.

Franz Sipl says, "The transparency brought by Zenkit facilitates our team collaboration.

"Zenchat for communication, collaboration, task management, and much more have been effortless since Bäckerei Sipl has begun using Zenkit.

AWO in Gießen Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly

AWO, a non-profit organization from Gießen, works towards providing support and welfare to children and senior citizens. Workflow management gets challenging for them while they run multiple events and projects.

AWO decided to use Zenkit Base and has been using it for more than two years.

Roland Scheld, head of the senior citizen's department & innovation management, shares his thoughts on how Zenkit helped them improve their processes, manage project, tasks, and database effortlessly.

Varied and rich views, project plans through collections in Zenkit, project calendar, and document archive is some of the features that AWO has found immensely useful for managing projects, tasks and saving time.

Roland Scheld, on how Zenkit usage has helped them manage projects and analytics successfully -

"Managing complex projects on one platform is easy with Zenkit's rich views.
"Zenkit allows us to quickly gain a clear overview by automatically calculating the numerical data."

While the Kanban view helps them better understand the status on multiple projects, the reporting features enable them to make well-informed decisions, thereby saving a lot of time, says Roland - "We improve our team's time management with Zenkit."

Getting Started with Zenkit:

Zenkit Review – Productivity Collaboration on Fly
  1. Signup with ZenKit from here.
  2. Create a list and Create a folder
  3. Hide or show completed tasks
  4. Create/Delete tasks.


Every business has multiple projects running simultaneously with tons of daily tasks, reports to generate, communication to manage, and tasks to collaborate with that are remote and otherwise.

While there are tons of software tools available to enable businesses, teams have to log in and out of multiple platforms for their daily tasks.

It means companies spend a humongous amount of time, resource, and cost on various software tools.

Zenkit replaces all the software tools and helps teams to assign tasks, manage the project, track progress, communicate, and collaborate effortlessly on a single platform. Click To Tweet

Whether it is managing the calendar, churning out reports, or sharing the screen with the remote teams for brainstorming sessions, Zenkit caters to all that and more without logging into multiple platforms and spending a lot on subscription plans.

Zenkit works well for individuals, teams, and large organizations as per their needs.

Whether you are looking for communication, collaboration, project tracking, or managing tasks, Zenkit has got you covered.

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