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Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians and the Annunaki - Keep It Pure

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
okay, let's, "Keep it pure," as requested by Zacharia Sitchin just before his death in October 2008.

Now, Mike, why would you bother with this particular mythology crap, when there are a) LOADS OF THESE SUCH CREATION MYTHS and b) BOOK(s) OF GOD to guide you along a spiritual path?
"I like the FINANCIAL ASPECT of this GOLD-DERIVED creation myth," it's sorta feels legitimate in a way I can't describe.
Do I believe all the shit I'm hearing in this short presentation?
No, it's a CREATION MYTH, with direct ties to the Bible Stories (which is all they are).
Why am I so interested in Ridley Scott's Prometheus? a friend recently asked.
"Hits," replied I, like the egomaniacal HIT SLUT you all know me to be.
But that's not really it. I didn't wanna say (to her) that I thought the ANNUNAKI (human cloning) concept of 'why we're here' (whatever the dates really are) seems a lot more plausible than some imaginary deity springing us all into life in a week before wandering off for a corporate holiday. And even more plausible than we naturally evolved from MONKEYS - if that's the case, there'd be no more monkeys, but no - we're born from monkeys.
And if you're still reading, here's a FULL LENGTH PRESENTATION by Zecharia Sitchin himself about his seventy years of 'research' into The Annunaki via his translations of Sumerian writings as documented Creation Myths:

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