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Zahava Galon's Retraction

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Last night they counted the votes of the IDF soldiers, of diplomats, and of other special votes. While overall most things are more or less the same, both the Likud and Meretz went up by one mandate each - Likud to 30 and Meretz to 5.
As a result of Meretz's ascent to 5 mandates, Zahava Galon retracted her resignation.
Impressive! That was even quicker than Aryeh Deri's retraction!
(the above is humor. I know her resignation became irrelevant when their number went up to 5 - as her resignation was only based on the failure of dropping to 4. And, I am happy she is back in the Knesset and in charge of Meretz. Despite my not agreeing with her or Meretz, I find that they really believe what they say, they seem to be clean, and they have integirty. A strogmn democracy needs a strong opposition to keep the ruling power in check. I like that Meretz is part of the opposition)
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