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Zaful Swimsuit Wishlist

By Sayedero Enytan @fashionengineer

I know what you're thinking, especially if you're in the east coast-' its freezing! no one is thinking about bikinis child! ' .You should know that the best time to stock up on swimsuits in during the winter time,they are super affordable.If you aren't new to swimsuits you've probably heard of Zaful already,they have hundreds of amazing swimsuits for affordable prices .

There are so many swimsuit styles to choose from on their site,my favorites are


Tankinis are perfect for those who don't want to show too much skin, the one below is a favorite because if the African print design

Shop women's tankini swimwear

Zaful Swimsuit Wishlist

Who doesn't love a hot micro bikini! I advice that you get a plain design and a nice print so you can mix and match

Zaful Swimsuit Wishlist
Swimsuits with shorts

The swimsuits with shorts are my go to styles, trust me modest swimwear was hard to find till I discovered Zaful so many prints to choose from!

Zaful Swimsuit Wishlist

If you have a teenager in your life, they have age appropriate swimwear as well ,check out the girls tankini swimsuits

Check out the Zaful site, let us know which is your favorite

Zaful Swimsuit Wishlist

Zaful Swimsuit Wishlist

Sayedero Enytan

Solar Engineer by day,fashion blogger by night-well, I don't seem to have time for myself anymore so lets say blogger on weekends :) . This is my place to share my passion for fashion and beauty with everyone,hope you leave here inspired.

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