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Yummy Taiwanese Food - Wanted Tea Plus

By Chaayen
Yummy Taiwanese Food - Wanted Tea Plus

Now that I can't travel, I have been spending time eating around (now that I am eating for 2, it feels like it is more value for money and I can eat more, haha.) With my nausea subsiding, I also noticed a craving for overseas cuisine - Thai, Taiwanese and Indian. Gosh. 

When I heard Wanted T had an outlet opening at Jurong Point, I was more than game to give it a try. Basically, this place serves affordable Taiwanese food and beverages. There is no seating area, so preferably you take away or be like us (be creative and find some seats around the vicinity.) The dinner crowd is really strong too. Although they just opened, we had to wait about 20 mins before our food was served.

Yummy Taiwanese Food - Wanted Tea Plus
If you have been to Taiwan, you might have tried the bento food served on their trains. That was what Wanted T reminded us of. Although the food looked unassuming, it tasted as good as those railway bentos we had in Taiwan. This is bringing back so much good memories. 
Here's what we tried for the food:-
  1. Braised Pork Belly Rice ($5.80) - I feel like along with the oyster mee sua, this is the landmark food of Taiwan. The mee sua wasn't available so we went for the ru rou fan. And it was really good. I love the pickled vegetables at the side which gave a break to braised flavor. 

  2. Pork Chop Bento ($6.80): This was recommended by the store assistant. Although this isn't the recommended signature dish, it was really good! In fact, I thought this was one of the best pork chop I ever had and I would totally come back for it again!

  3. Honey Glazed Chicken Bites ($5.50): For 2 pax, I would recommend getting a side to share as the bento are quite carbs heavy. The chicken bites were fantastic too! I am guessing Wanted T's fried food are probably are really good!
Yummy Taiwanese Food - Wanted Tea Plus

The drinks were really impressive too! The husband wanted a coffee and went for the recommended E4 - Mocha Coffee with Jelly Coffee and Brown Sugar Pearl ($5). We are not much of sugar fans so we picked a humble 25% sugar level. The drink was very aromatic and delightful. Me being me, decided to make my own concoction which I would strongly recommend to you guys too!
To be completely honestly, being adventurous usually don't work very well for me, so I am thrilled this one worked so well. I had a G6 +T8 - Four Seasons Mango Tea with QQ Yam Taro ($5) at 0% sugar. If you ever had 0% sugar drinks, you will know how badly they usually turn out, but this one was very good and I actually slurped it all up without sharing with the husband XD. But I think it would have tasted better if I picked the 25% sugar option. 
* If you are a westie or a NTU student, you really shouldn't give this a miss! Thanks 1004 Label/ Convo for sending me an invite!

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