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Youth Basketball Player Nails “Lebroning” With This Flop

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
April 11, 2014

Youth Basketball Player Nails “Lebroning” With This Flop

Grade A Lebroning right there.  Just let the man come to you, hesitate for a second, then act like you just got smacked by a hurricane.  Offensive foul, going the other way.  Offensive player didn’t even get a chance to push off because the flop was so good.  Can’t be mad a that kid at all.

P.S. How amazing are these youth basketball jerseys?  I don’t think I played on a team that wore actual jerseys until I was in high school.  Pretty sure at that age I was rocking the heaviest (cheapest) cotton t-shirt the league could find.  Sweat city everywhere.

Via Deadspin

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