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Your Typical Arizona Gun Owner

Posted on the 23 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
AZ Central has the description:
An Apache Junction woman was arrested Wednesday after police said they found firearms, a white powdery substance and various checks in her car.
Mesa officers approached Elizabeth Russell, 38, when officers noticed a vehicle parked against the flow of traffic at 1700 S. 80th Street in Mesa, according to a police report.
After Russell granted police permission to search the car, officers found a loaded .380 caliber handgun between the driver's seat and transmission hump, as well as a clear baggie with a white powdery substance inside Russell's purse, the report said.

All right, maybe "typical" isn't the best word to describe her, but this is Arizona we're talking about. Gun availability to unfit people doesn't come any easier than it does there. Who's to blame?
Well, if we're talking about the easy access to guns, as opposed to the crimes people commit with them, it's clearly not the criminal's fault. She, and all the others like her, did not arrange for the easy availability of guns. That was the NRA and the gun lobby all paid for by the gun manufacturers and supported by the gun-rights folks.
This is what I call shared responsibility.
The only valid argument I can see is that guns save lives, the John Lott theory. That's been refuted enough that even the gun rights folks have gotten off it. What we mainly hear from them is the 2A nonsense and as Big Wayne said, they want to have a fighting chance.
The deplorable situation of gun proliferation and availability in the U.S. is the direct result of the misguided efforts of the NRA, gun lobby, gun manufacturers and gun-rights activists. For some it's simply dollars and cents.  For others it's in order to not be inconvenienced themselves.  But we all pay a heavy price for the results of their work.  That's why I blame them.
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