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Your Stories: Malayalam Love Story

By Englishwifeindianlife
Your Stories: Malayalam Love StoryGorgeous Stephanie, from England, has a very sweet online love story to share. Special connections shouldn't be ignored, follow your heart and have patience. Good things come to those who wait...

Our story begins March 2009 when my friend introduced me to a boy called Vinu on Facebook. For months we video chatted everyday. We were both living in England, but he was in the South East and I was in the South West. Our video chats continued and we were both certain we really liked each other, but I was reluctant to pursue anything because of the distance and I wanted to concentrate on my GCSE exams. I was only 15 when we started chatting!

Seven months later, after my exams were over, we decided that we wanted to meet each other. You only live once after all, and our amazing connection was special and impossible to ignore. On 29th October 2009 we finally met! He caught a train to my home town in Somerset, I waited anxiously, a stomach full of butterflies, at the station. As I watched him step off the train, I fell in love with him instantly!

After meeting in person, we made time to see each other every other month for three and a half years! It was so tough having to leave him each time, missing him all the time and it got really tough to find time to see each other once we both started working, but we were determined not to let anything come between us!

Your Stories: Malayalam Love Story

Four years after our first conversation online, a miracle happened. Vinu got a job in my hometown! He had to start immediately so he moved in with me, my Mum and my sister. I couldn't believe my luck, I was really surprised his family let him do such a thing! We are now both working really hard so we can buy our own home together.

Vinu teaches me Malayalam (his mother tongue) and I love to watch Malayalam movies with him and his family. I don't understand what the actors and actresses are saying, but I love the beautiful colours and songs. They make me smile.

Last year, Vinu and his family took me and my Mum to the beautiful state of Kerala, which is where they are from. I have never experienced such a beautiful and spiritual place. All of his family were so welcoming and friendly, the women kept grabbing my cheeks and telling me I was beautiful. I tasted all the local homemade dishes, rode on an elephant, and wore a saree shop! India is such a beautiful country and it was lovely to see Vinu in his home surroundings. An amazing experience that brought us closer.

Your Stories: Malayalam Love Story
One day we hope to get married and build our own family but as per Indian tradition, we are waiting for his elder brother to marry first. I will love him forever, he's my soul mate and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us.

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