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Your Stories: Indi-Italian

By Englishwifeindianlife

With some of the most hypnotising blue eyes I have ever seen, Jessica from Italy was born with wanderlust! This powerful story is about believing in love again, learning to trust again and following your heart no matter what people say. I have spoken with Jessica several times and I can honestly say, she is a beautiful person inside and out, … When I was a kid I dreamt of far away countries, mysterious places and beautiful jungles. I was curious and passionate about traveling and I was sure I would meet interesting people. I was also dreaming about my Prince, waiting for me somewhere out there. Then something happened, my father left our house and went to live with another woman. That’s when my dreams shattered and I became closed and didn’t trust people anymore. From that time on I stopped believing in love, it was just like a nice but impossible fairytale. I didn’t want to get involved with anyone and I hated everything to do with marriage and weddings, I had lost faith. I was 20 years old when I started to travel, alone. With my mother afraid of flying, I just cannot tell you how many fights we had! She was very worried about me, but I was [...]

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