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Your Stories: Creating a Masala Community

By Englishwifeindianlife

Beautiful Tina, from California, craved to learn more about her husband’s culture and meet other parents with half Indian children. A dear friend to me, she has taught me so much and given me lots of giggles. I really love her, it’s hard not to! When you commit to an intercultural relationship, there are so many unique nuances which the people close to you cannot always understand and its difficult to find those who can. Thanks to Tina, there is now a support group specifically for women with mixed Indian children, she is the fairy Godmother of hundreds of friendships and facilitator of priceless support! Well done Tina, thank you for creating a group which has changed and enriched so many lives…  Five years ago I met my husband. I fell head over heels for him and our relationship progressed quickly. We went from dating to engaged and then married within a few months. It was a classic American love story, but with a twist. The girl was born and raised in sunny California and the boy fresh from Punjab, India. We met during college, just before finishing our degrees, his a Master’s in Engineering and mine a Bachelor’s in Political Science. He was the quiet [...]

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