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Your Questions for Guys- Answered!

By Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
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Well friends– your questions from our last post were answered! And boy did we get some good answers! So much so that I’m making this a two-parter. So this week, we will get to know our guys by hearing their questions about them. Next time, it’s about their relationships.

So let’s get started!

Our guys:

The Nerd-24- Single

The Law Student-24- Taken

The Funny Guy-27- Single

The Married One-33- Taken

The Entrepreneur- 27- Single

Are you a boobs or butt guy?

Nerd: Boobs.

The Law Student: I suppose boobs…. Probably boobs.

The Funny Guy:  I don’t know. I guess- I don’t know. If I had a gun to my head- I’d say a boobs guy. But if a girl doesn’t have boobs- that’s okay. I don’t discriminate. Boobs are just more accessible to look at. Butts are good too.

The Married One: Totally a boob guy. Hands down.

The Entrepreneur:  If I had to choose it would be butt. It’s just a preference.  If a girl doesn’t have a butt, it’s strange for me. Butts are just fun. I’m not going to slap a boob.

Do you keep tabs on your exes? If so, why?

Nerd: For a time yes- but as time goes on- it gets less and less. It fades as time goes on.

The Law Student: Yeah- why not?

The Funny Guy:  I think people have good days and bad days with your insecurities and some days you’re just fascinated with what they’re doing and you hope they’re doing worse than you. It’s just the worst feeling ever. I know it is horrible but I do it cause I’m furious.

The Married One: I do not keep tabs on your exes. Not at all.

The Entrepreneur:  No. I occasionally am curious about what is going on in their lives cause I care about them and they are important to me, but it’s not out of jealousy. I’ve also never been broken up with though. But I don’t do that Facebook stalking.

Do you believe in “the one that got away”?

Nerd: No.

The Law Student: Not really. I think there are people you’ll always be hung up on but I don’t think that is a good way to go through life- taking that person too seriously.

The Funny Guy: A little bit. I haven’t met the one that got away. I think that could happen- like if someone moved or died.

The Married One: No. I don’t.  In high school I had one that I thought was the one- but then what I thought was deep I realized wasn’t that deep. What I have now is deep.

The Entrepreneur:  No. Personally that has never happened to me. But I don’t think I’ve ever been in true true love. I’ve never had my heart broken. If you are supposed to be with someone you’ll be with them. If you didn’t work hard enough to get there that is your fault.

Do you put down the toilet seat?

Nerd: No.

The Law Student: Sometimes.

The Funny Guy: In my apartment. Never. Somewhere else- sometimes. I only do it when I know a girl is next.

The Married One: Yeah. Absolutely. I have to.

The Entrepreneur:  Yep.  I have a girl roommate though- and I’m also stupidly clean.

How often do you get tested for STIs/STDs and what is the main thing that compels you to do so?

Nerd: Once- but I’m very strict with safe sex.

The Law Student: Whenever I’m at the doctor? For social responsibility and general paranoia.

The Funny Guy: I have once because I had unprotected sex.

The Married One:  I don’t have to think about that. At all. Ever. Other than maybe on the subway holding the subway pole.

The Entrepreneur:  Once every six months or so at least. Just depends on my level of sexual activity. If I was getting into a serious relationship I would or if I happen to find myself in a particular precarious sexual situation but that hasn’t happened since college… I just get tested cause it’s smart. Have to keep everything working!

Do you ever not like sex?

Nerd: Yes. Sometimes I do not like sex…. if it’s bad. But often not being in the mood makes it bad.

The Law Student: Every now and then I guess. If you’re tired or something- not very often. Generally I always like sex.

The Funny Guy: No. That’s coming from a single guy- you have to take what you can get.  If it’s not the best it is still better than not having sex.

The Married One: No.  That’s an easy one.

The Entrepreneur:  Yes.  If I like a girl more clothed than unclothed. Or if a girl isn’t into or doesn’t know what she is doing or isn’t in the moment. I’m really picky.

Can you ever be just friends with a girl?

Nerd: Yes.

The Law Student: Yes.

The Funny Guy:  Yes.

The Married One: Yes. (Does my wife think so? No.)

The Entrepreneur:  Oh hell yeah. I have tons of just girl friends- including my roommate.

Are you afraid of commitment? Is not putting it on your Facebook or not introducing a girl to your friends a sign of not being serious?

Nerd: If I didn’t put it on Facebook, that would be a sign of not being serious for me. I’m not afraid of commitment in general though.

The Law Student: Yes, I’m afraid of commitment. And probably. .. that’s not something I do though.

The Funny Guy:  I think a really mature answer is no I’m not afraid of commitment. But a realistic answer is once you find the right girl it’s just awesome. I think you’re afraid of commitment if you don’t like the person that much.  I think Facebook is just a loaded gun of fighting and annoying shit. It’s bullshit. I don’t think it has anything to do with it. But if you’re not meeting someone’s friends, you’re not a big part of their life.

The Married One: Telling the world via Facebook that you’re dating someone is pretty serious. Introducing them to your friends can be a bit more casual.

The Entrepreneur: I’m personally not afraid of commitment but not putting on your Facebook or not introducing to friends is a sign of not being serious. If a guy likes you one of the first things he will do is introduce you to his friends. With Facebook, I’d take the girl’s cue cause I don’t care.

Do you ever have conversations with other guys at the urinal? Do you ever talk? Awkwardly say hello? Compliment each other on a great pair of sneakers? What goes on?

Nerd: No no no no. If other guys talk to you at the urinal it is very hard to pee cause I tense up.

The Law Student: Not really. It’s kind of awkward to talk at the urinal. If you’re already in conversation and then start peeing you might continue the conversation but starting a conversation is kind of odd. Just a small social norm.

The Funny Guy: I do cause I’m awkward. I feel like I’m just standing there- like why not? Half the dudes are really awkward about it and then the other half are really normal. If there are a million people, it is less okay to do it. If there are two people in there than it is more normal. You don’t talk about the shoes but you talk about the place you’re in, “This place is crowded”. Or you don’t say anything. It always ends with “Have a good one.” Always. I swear. Cause it’s perfect.

The Married One: No, no, and no. It is head down. Do business. No eye contact. Get out. It smells bad enough.

The Entrepreneur: If you know the guy, you might be talking while your taking a piss. Definitely not at someone’s sneakers though. You shouldn’t be looking anywhere but straight ahead or at your own junk.


What do you think? Intrigued? Any guy you relate to? Anything you surprised by?

Stay tuned for part II next time!

Happy Thursday y’all!

Let’s talk.

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