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Your Planet is BROKEN.

Posted on the 25 September 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Your planet is BROKEN.I don't know whether you realize this or not (maybe you're too busy to think) but your planet is completely BROKEN, and it's been broken for centuries.
In fact, the term YOUR PLANET is a glaring anathema.
If this was your planet, you'd care a lot more about what shit goes where, you'd try to stop illegal raping and pillaging of one 'country's resources to the benefit of a few business-game players.
It's the whole GAME you're playing.
You're being led by the nosering, by professors of Learning and captains of Industry and general of Corporate War, to believe that YOU ARE THE BEST.
But this is not reality, this is a crass invention.
You are the worst of all possible solutions, You The People are (seriously) the inertia-crippled stain on what should be 'democracy' but which is (in fact) Corporate Despotism or the Shogunate/Clan system of ancient Japanese rule.
Several elite GAME PLAYING families who hold all the land, all the stock, all the resources, all the gumption (it seems) making all the rest of You The People do the grunt work, take all the risk, do what they say. Not because they're cleverer than you and they've put a lot of effort into HOW TO MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL, but just to help them play their game. They are (technically) psychopaths, and by this I mean they have lost (or had eradicated) all their empathy for you, the common man, the everybody.
Every now and then, usually when living conditions are too desperate to do anything else, You The People rise up against this HIDDEN-IN-PLAIN-SIGHT TYRANNY and topple the Emperors and the the Kings.
If you do that again, and if you do it soon, please remember that PROFIT and OWNERSHIP and ENEMY have nothing to do with a Free'd Planet.
If you do come to your senses, and you see this whole planetary GROWTH MODEL lie for what it is, please try to use Creativity, Passion and Kinship in your vision of a reshaped future.
If you are able to understand what I'm saying, around the utterly cynical depth of your corporate programming, please educate your fellow man, your family, your children, all around the world. Tell him/her/group/Diversity that, though a storm is coming, there is shelter in the global wreckage that mankind has wrought upon itself in the name of PROFIT.
We should never again consider ourselves idiot GAME PLAYERS - we are only Custodians of this delicate natural balance organism hurtling through space, our replenished and re-wilded Free Planet.

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