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Your Inner GPS And How To Find It

By Saraholeary @saraholeary
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Do you sometimes feel drowned in information and advice on how best to proceed with a goal, project or problem?

Some of this information may come from well-meaning friends and loved ones who truly want to see you succeed. A lot of it is stuff you’ve  sought out in your attempt to get clear on the absolute best way to move forward.

But, funny thing – I’ve noticed that the more advice and tips I listen to and read, the less empowered I feel about moving forward!

It’s like a vicious circle. I’m confused and unsure on what to do next (or what to do at all!), so I start Googling, talking to people, pulling books off my shelves. Soon, my brain is doing somersaults trying to process all the (often conflicting) information.

It’s crazy-making sometimes.


If you’re like me, you may have gotten so frustrated at this overload, so tired of trying to make logical sense of it all, that you’ve just closed your eyes – chosen one of the options and gone for it.

Sometimes this works out just great. And others you find yourself wondering why the hell you went down this road. And then you have to backtrack and start the whole frustrating process over again.

What if there’s an easier way?

In the past I’ve been the poster child for the above scenario. Always looking outside for the answers. Because, after all, everyone else knows so much more than I do.

Logically I knew this wasn’t necessarily true. I do have two college degrees and a couple of decades of experience running a business. My brain had processed the idea that my own path to success is probably different than someone else’s.

But on a deep level I haven’t trusted my own inner wisdom and guidance when it comes to important, ‘concrete’ decisions.

This has all begun to change, though. I’m now learning to access my own inner GPS. It’s been there all the time of course, but it was all padlocked up. I honestly could not find the combination!

There was too much other noise. Noise from all that input of information, noise from my own chatterbox brain.

Unlocking my Inner GPS, and tuning in, turns all that down. I can finally get a clear signal! I can see a way forward.

I still might utilize some of the information I gathered from others, but the kernel of truth comes from deep within my own self.

How did I change?

This is just one example of the profound inner shifts I’m experiencing as a Martha Beck life coach-in-training.

I’ve been coaching for a while, but now I’m learning some new tools and techniques that are total game changers in how I coach both others and myself.

I’ve finally found my Super Power – and it is definitely life coaching. Watching a friend or client’s eyes light up, or hearing a new lift to their voice when a deep shift occurs – well, it’s nothing short of ecstasy for me! Especially because I know they’ve found this shift by accessing their own inner GPS.

Imagine how freeing it is when you can finally get out of your own way (at least for a while), and a previously muddy issue is suddenly illuminated. Whether the mud is piled up around your business and career, your relationships, your ability to love and accept yourself….whatever , that illumination can change how the situation manifests in your life.

That’s what’s happening for me!

I’d really like to to share some of this life-changing juju with YOU!

I’m so excited about my new ability to tune into the frequency of my inner GPS, along with all the new tools and strategies I’ve learned, that I want to life coach like 24/7.

So I created a life coaching ‘pilot’ program of six one-hour sessions.

As a Martha Beck Coach-in-Training, I’m growing and learning along with my clients. So, I’m offering this program for the super affordable price of just $175. (Less than many coaches charge for one session!)

I’m calling it “Spark Your Midlife Mojo” – because after all that’s what I’m about here at Holistic Hot Sauce.


You want (you need!)to tune in to the inner GPS frequency whether you‘re 45, 14, or 94! Life coaching sparks way more than midlife mojo!

This work can shift your life profoundly no matter what your age or gender. It will help you navigate your way through the transitions in your life, whether they are gigantic or cyclical.

I invite you to turn to your inner navigation, no matter what your age or gender!

Find it through life coaching, find it through meditation, find it through swimming the English Channel – just by all means get that thing unlocked.

Again, if you’re like me this may take some time, attention, and practice. The life coaching tools can accelerate the process. Yet of course, since it’s your inner GPS, you can still get there all by yourself.

If you’re ready for some acceleration, click here to find out more about Spark Your Midlife Mojo – the pilot program price is only available for a few months.

What Exactly IS Life Coaching?

Although coaching really has to be experienced to be understood (believe me I didn’t get it until I lived it!), here’s how I’ll explain it today:

It’s not therapy, but rather more akin to personal training for the soul. It’s not consulting – remember, it’s YOUR inner GPS you’re learning to access – although you do learn tools and strategies for getting to that inner place of peace. It’s a process of questioning rather than information dumping.

One thing I do know is that this coaching helps people to do things they thought they couldn’t do – and see things they couldn’t see before.

In six weeks you can clarify and articulate what you most want from life, what is holding you back, and where you want to go from here.

It’s about results – and we get there by accessing YOUR inner wisdom.

Of course the most profound results require a deep dive. That’s why I created the 6-session program.

If, however, you’d like to just dip in and try life coaching out – I also can do single sessions.

What If I Live in Timbuktu?

Well, I don’t know how to get there – but your inner GPS does.

Seriously, though. You get to experience life coaching no matter where you are on the planet – as long as you have access to a phone and/or an Internet connection. Like most coaches, I conduct sessions over the phone, Skype, or in person. And all sessions are 100 percent confidential.

Your inner GPS always leads you to your most radiant way of living.

It shows you the path to true self-love. It takes you out of Overwhelm because when you are tuned in to its frequency all that information overload sifts into a pattern that makes sense. You know what parts to incorporate and what parts to let go of.

YOU are your own wisest teacher.



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