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“Your Highness” My Spirit Speaks Truth

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

What I’ve Definitely Learned About Myself Is That I Can’t Be Maneuvered By Anyone Or Anything. I Have A Very Strong And Determined Spirit. My Mind And Spirit Will Not Be Deterred No Matter What. Nothing Can Change Me Or My Attitude.

I’m Straight Up About What I Am, Who I Am, And What I Feel. I’m Real To The Core And I Can’t Help It. As Born A Genuine Clairvoyant I Feel Myself And The Continuously Changing Things Around Me Everyday All Day Long.

In What May Seem Strange To Some-The Negativity In Others Brings Out The Best In Me. And What I Mean By That Is When Those In Particular Try To Low-grade Me Or Attempt To Bring Me Down It Does The Exact Opposite. They Always Appear More Beneath Me Than I Had Previously Comprehended Beforehand.

I Hate Perpetrators. I Hate CopyCats. Fakes And Phonies Are So Easy To See Through If You Know How To Read Correctly. I Do Honestly Believe That There Are People In The World Who Are Better Than Other People. And It Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Money Or The Clothes That One Wears. It All Has To Do With Character.

I Am High Class In Nature. I’m Refined In My Taste, Particular In My Choices And Original With My Standards. I Go And Live By My Own Set Of Rules. My True Nature Dictates What Is Appropriate For Me According To My Life. “Nobody” And No “Bible” Will Ever Control Or Govern Me.

People Often Tend To Look Down On Or Judge Others Due To What They May Consider As Certain Moral Standards Whatever That May Be And They Always Use Their “God” As An Excuse.

Many People Really Tell On Themselves, They Show More Of What They’re About When They Are Attacking The Other Person (The Other Person Is Usually The Innocent One And They Are The Guilty If You Analyze The Situation At Hand).

So Often I’ve Heard The Term In General “None Of Us Are Saints” We All Fall Short Of The Glory”. Well, That Is Where The Ignorance Comes In Because Not Everyone Follows Those Statements. I Know I Don’t. I Don’t Believe In Them At All.

I Don’t Fall Short Of Shit, I Am The Glory. I’m The Glory Of What I Love, Serve And Respect And In Return That Is Also My Genuine Glory. And I’ve Experienced Much Reward In What I Am Connected To By Birth.

I See My Life For What It Really Is. Not For What Anything Suggests It Should Be.

The Ideal Way Of The Set Up In General Areas Is Marriage And Family And Making A Life Together And So On. For Those Who Want And Choose To Live That Way It Is Their Business. We All Have Our Own Way But The Majority Are Coupled Off. There Is Significance Within That Lifestyle For Them.

My Ideal Way Is Being And Remaining Single. I Revel In My Asexuality. Not To Offend Anyone But I Don’t Get That Two Coming Together Uniting As One Flesh. I’m Whole And Complete And Will Never Be One With Anyone But Myself. It Is Suppose To Be Meant In A Spiritual Sense Yet It Seems So Sick To Me. There Are Many Of Things I Don’t Agree With Or Like About “God” Anyhow.

I Am Not Going To Let Anyone Penalize Me For The Way I Think And Feel, For Being True To Myself.

I’ve Heard Some Of The Jealous Ones Around Me In The Past Say That It Is Impossible For Me To Actually Be The Way That I Am Insinuating That It Is Not Natural. They Better Wake Up And Stop Being Envious And Naive. The Real Deal Is They Couldn’t Understand And Accept The Fact That They Couldn’t Break Me.

I’m High In Mind And Spirit And One With The Universe Always Learning And Advancing In My Spiritual Nature. There Is Always Something Fresh And New Rising To The Surface.

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