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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Ultra-black Stormtrooper

Posted on the 02 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
your friendly neighbourhood ultra-black stormtrooperYou know this guy.
He lives near you.
He has a family and kids.
He buys his groceries in the same stores as you.
He has the same doctor/dentist as you. He is not a mind-controlled droid, he is alive and wonderfully imaginative when he needs to be. He aches and moans and rejoices, just like you. He burps and farts and goes to the lavitory, snores at night, loves his mommy.
His evil blueprint was invented back in 1975 by George Lucas and now he lives right next door to you, eating and drinking like you, wearing jeans and a t-shirt just like the ones you have in your wardrobe, screaming along with you when his team looks doomed in the final quarter.
This unfortunate wage slave signed a corporate non-disclosure agreement excusing him of all responsibility from his insane actions, because otherwise his kids would go hungry in the Prison Planet cities where Global Elites demand Personal Attendance at their ritual horrorshows.
But it's just a job - never forget that.
This poor guy, who we all know, who we all have as members of our families, our social networks, our inner circle; this chump can't help what he does. It's like George W Bush said, "Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists,"

Hey, that's quite the Motivational Speaker right there, he's saying, "Come, join the UltraBlack StormTrooper clan and we'll protect you from the WAR OF TERROR, we won't haul YOUR ASS into a black mariah, we won't torture YOUR KIDS, we won't rape YOUR WIFE, you're ONE OF US.
And you think I'm making this up? Why, Mike, why did you choose THAT IMAGE and not the standard 'white' Star Wars stormtrooper image? Well, have you not been watching the corporate news lately? Do you not realize that 'fashions change' and the once-trendy white stormtrooper has been USURPED by the ultra-trendier (for now) black stormtrooper.
Plus, in a Fascist Corporate Global Take-over situation, there's always new jobs to be had, there's always more thugs to interview for these roles, there's always MILLENNIA MORE TYRANNY to enforce.
You see him all over the streets these days; drinking coffe in your cafes, pushing you aside at the checkout, stamping on the face of your children at kindergarten. That's his fucking job, don't hate him. Just hope to God you've not done anything that might attract his attention. One day, hope he ignores you.

your friendly neighbourhood ultra-black stormtrooper


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