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Your First Gift of the Season

By Kate_miller

Your First Gift of the Season

I'm giving away TomatoFest heirloom tomato seeds.

Spent a good bit of time standing in line at the post office yesterday. They're holding my brand new cowl neck sweater hostage, claiming they don't have my package, when Athleta swears they do.
I'm pretty sure they do, too. It's a RARE situation when our local postal service does anything right. And, I'm not just mad about the cowl neck. They sat on my hiking boots for 5 months before admitting the package was back there.

Your First Gift of the Season

Have you ever grown tomatoes indoors? It's easy!

While I was standing in line, I sorted through the rest of the junk retrieved from my PO box...

Your First Gift of the Season

Gary Ibsen, of TomatoFest sent me these goodies.

And, look what I found!!! An oh, so, generous stack of heirloom tomato seeds from Gary Ibsen, owner of TomatoFest. I'm happy to call him a 'friend,' now. As in friends on FB.

Your First Gift of the Season

Leave a comment for a chance to win packs of yummy heirloom tomatoes.

Your First Gift of the Season
Do you Facebook? People can be very passionate about Facebook. Either they love it or they hate it.
I like the fact that it connects me with people like Gary, King of the Heirloom Tomatoes. I've ordered from him before. I order from lots of plant companies. But, what a great treat to be able to talk to the guy.
He sent me a whole stack of heirloom tomato seeds. Indoor container collections (I grow small tomatoes in winter, in my sunny window.) He included a stack of outdoor heirloom tomato seeds, as well.
12 packs in all. I'm giving away 10. To random blogging friends who leave me a comment.
Now Gary didn't realize I was going to give these away. He just wanted me to have a bunch. But seeing as how it's the holidays and all... I thought it would be good to share the love.
So, back to my question. Do you Facebook? If so, go buddy up to TomatoFest. You could pop over and say hello to me, too.

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