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Your Desk Job Is Killing You

By Lyndsay S @lyndsinreallife

We’ve all heard that desk jobs are bad for your health. But many of us don’t understand what happens to the body when you spend most of your day at your desk. The truth, unfortunately, is that we, as a society, are moving more and more towards a sedentary and inactive lifestyle as a result of our jobs. Indeed, if you work in an office, it’s fair to say that you probably work longer hours than you should. Did you know that the average office worker works every week the equivalent of an additional day for free? Overtime is one of the most frequent causes of burnout, and it’s likely to affect most desk job employees. However, it’s not the only health risk that your desk job has in store for you. 

Your Desk Job Is Killing You

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The body needs to be active to stay healthy

The human body is a fantastic machine. But if you don’t look after it, it’s likely to develop faults! Maintaining moderate levels of activities throughout the day is detrimental to your health. Indeed, an active lifestyle keeps your blood circulating through the body and reaching out to all your organs, ensuring a healthy oxygen flow. Additionally, your immune system weakens when you lack activities, making you more vulnerable to viruses, heart diseases, and weight gain. 

You develop soreness

Sitting in the same position for long hours can create tensions in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, and knees. It’s not uncommon for desk job workers to complain about muscle pains. Expert physiologist, Texas Orthopedics, warns against the risk of ignoring muscle tensions. You can develop a bad posture to compensate for muscle soreness, which can have devastating effects on your health. It’s not uncommon for people to require therapy to address posture weaknesses and strengthen muscles that are likely to be exposed to tensions in the process. 

You are tempted by easy food solutions

When you spend long hours in an office, the last thing you want to do when you’re finally at home is to waste time cooking. After a long day at work, spending time in your kitchen seems like too much work. It’s so easy to order a pizza, right? Sitting all day makes you more likely to create bad eating habits. But, there’s an easy way around it. You can equip your kitchen for success. The only reason why cooking feels like a waste of time is that you don’t have the right utensils. Getting the tools you need can turn the chore into a piece of cake! 

You are vulnerable to depressive disorders

People who sit all day in an office are more likely to get depressed. According to an article published in the British Journal of General Practice, sitting at your desk reduces mental clarity and increases emotional and mental problems. While it doesn’t mean you should quit your job and start a career as a professional runner, you could try to introduce regular active breaks throughout the day. Taking a walk around the block or jumping on the treadmill in the break zone can do wonders for your mood! 

Is the desk job going to be the death of us all? Perhaps not in those extreme terms. But there is no doubt that our sedentary office style is affecting our health in many ways. It’s time to take back control and focus on your well-being! 

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Your Desk Job Is Killing You

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