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Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 88

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

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As a recently (3 years ago) retired person now living in Mexico, my greatest challenge is making the transition from the work wardrobe to the more casual, climate appropriate style that prevails here. I've always worn either baggy clothes or slightly tailored and more form-fitting depending on my weight. I've lost 20 pounds, so I have a chance to reinvent myself for the second half of my life. I continue to be drawn to both more tailored clothing - fitted capris with shirts tucked in, even though my personality is quirky and artistic. The body shape challenge is crazy because of all the conflicting advice. I am short (5'3″), a slightly square-ish X, long torso, short legs. Most of the torso is chin to waist, but the bulk of that is chin to bust. Plus, given the cobblestone streets, athletic shoes and supportive sandals are it. Heels of any kind don't work, as I walk everywhere. I sew and design my own patterns, so I can make anything happen. As soon as I figure out what "anything " I'm aiming for. I've never really cared before, but now I'm haunting the style blogs trying to up my game from shorts or knit skorts and "message" t-shirts to something nicer that addresses both my love of Jacki O & Audrey Hepburn and my quirky personality.

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0.10 I've retired now and in my working life found it easy to dress smart. Now I'm more into dressing casual but I really don't know where to start. I used to enjoy wearing good fitting jeans with a smart dressy top but the challenges of menopause have made it difficult to wear jeans as I no longer have the same shape. I am also petite and if I wear something to cover my flat bum it cuts me in half. 4.20 My stomach with thyroid disease it has gotten bigger. I don't look good in any of my clothes. I need to find clothes that don't emphasize my stomach or hips for that matter. I can no longer exercise like I use to as I have hip and back issues. I walk 3 miles a day use light weights twice away, eat healthily but my stomach and hips still stay the same. 7.35 I suppose my biggest style challenge at the moment would be, what am I going to wear ? I have 2 wardrobes and they are completely full with no room for anything else. 1 wardrobe is workwear and the other is everything else. I mainly struggle with workwear wardrobe. Everything I wear is just on repeat. Long pants and nice blouse (mainly floral) Every day black or navy pants and blouse. I have had my colours done recently so keen for other colour pants to mix things up a bit but can't find any other colour pants except black or navy. I'm not a big skirt fan but if I found a nice skirt I would wear as a change and a work dress, but can't find anything suitable Air conditioning at work is terrible too so at the moment I'm always in a cardi too, which adds to my depressing style mood.

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