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Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 86

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

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0.09 The big one for me atm is ageing - I don't want to give up, any tips? 4.53 My biggest issue with fashion is finding ready-made clothing that fits well enough to wear comfortably & look good. I wear a size 8 jean, but need a 14-16 top to fit the bustline. However, the 14-16 shoulders, neck/sleeve openings, sleeve lengths, etc. are too big to look nice on me. 6.26 How can I combine my feminine style personality with a relaxed lifestyle? I love florals, lace, pink, skirts and dresses, and feminine details, but as a stay at home mom with five kids (including a baby that I'm breastfeeding), I need my clothes to be practical, comfortable, and casual. I also have (I think) medium high value contrast and medium color contrast, so the very low contrast pastel look of many feminine outfits doesn't work for me. I would appreciate any tips. Thank you!

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0.08 I just watched your post about flattering necklines and how matching your jawline is best. I do not wear the types of necklines I would look best in due to modesty reasons. How does wearing something under a v-neck or scoop neck affect the "ideal" neckline of the scoop or v-neck? Can I use necklaces over boat or crew necks to get this ideal neckline instead? 3.09 I struggle with finding clothes as there is so much Inconsistent sizing between stores. 8.28 my weight which has settled in my middle. I am attempting to lose weight but even if I do. I believe I will never have a waist again. I am a rectangle . At my best I will be a small rectangle. It is quite a change since my youth when I was an hourglass I am also short so when I attempt to hide the middle with longer tops I have no legs. I do not think it is possible to dress this and look attractive in any way. I try to be moderate and so have lost interest in clothes

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