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Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 67

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

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0.08 I want to look smart and elegant, I love coloured shoes. But also comfy ones (in addition, I have problems with my toes, so there is no option in which I wear pointy shoes or stilletos.). But still – barefoot shoes, or the comfortable ones are often like for people 80+. I don’t want to choose between healthy feet and pretty shoes. 2.56 Accessories! If I get a nice necklace, I can’t match with earrings. (pierced ears). How do I get over that? 5.51 Can someone with warm colouring wear white jeans and accessories? As they are far from the face they aren’t unflattering, but I’m thinking that unlike black they aren’t distracting and draw the attention because for someone with medium value hair/eyes and very light skin they relate better to their colouring…

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In This Video

Camouflaging a large bust, challenges of getting older and how to look expensive. 0.08 My biggest battle issue is how to dress a larger stomach and a bigger bust without looking sloppy. The rest of my body is fine but I’m 5’1” and look bigger than I really am because of these two issues. and My biggest struggle is that I have a HUGE bust area. It always makes me look super bulky. My limbs are quite thin compared to the centre region. I do not have a bulging tummy too. Its just that the bust stands out too much and it doest allow any piece of clothing to suit me and makes me feel conscious. Can you help me? 6.06 I am struggling with getting older. In the first place with the colors to wear with going grey and the changes in my face. Styling things gets difficult for me as i go from hourglass to rectangular shape. No waist, no belts, no paperbag…I also lost my proud posture because of the position of my schoulders. and i did not like my bigger boobs. it makes me feel unhappy, with dull hair and hair loss and a also lost the sparkling blue eyes and the smile. 9.11 I dread the thought of looking cheap. I’d like to think I do not, but I can’t know because I just do my best. What helps someone look expensive, beyond being rich (which is so subjective but I am definitely not rich)?

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Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 67 


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