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Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 66

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

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0.01 I Struggle to find Pants, and skirts, for a size 12-14 body type, with what seems to be a mix of “X”, “H”, and “pear shape” characteristics. The widest part of my body is indeed the upper thigh, Finding skirts that don’t cling to the thighs/hips too much, but aren’t in styles I wouldn’t wear, is a bit of a challenge, same with pants. 2.05 My Biggest challenge is that I like to dress up a bit but most people dress very casually nowadays. I am embarrassed to dress the way I want because they are going to look at me weirdly and think “where does she think she is going?”. Most women don’t even wear heels anymore, just jeans, T shirts and gym clothes. If you live in a small town and dress nicely you are going to draw all the attention. How can a be chic (and I don’t mean over the top believe me, just look put together, wear heels and jewellery) and still fit in? For example today I wanted to wear pointed heels and felt bad and went for sneakers instead 🙁🙁 5.15 What I struggle with most in creating outfits is finding the actual trends and that give my outfits a modern touch. I am not overly fashion-conscious and prefer creative classic outfits. Maybe you can give advice on how that can be managed.

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