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Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 51

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport
0.11 My problem is I find it hard to find tops to suit my X shape that are in natural fibres - tips on finding the right fabrics and clothes? 3.43 - If I'm purchasing a scarf for the average shape - what is the most versatile shape - square, rectangle or infinity? 5.42 - How do I have things in my wardrobe that I can swap and change and mix together?
How to Choose Fabrics to Flatter
What Makes an Outfit Aesthetically Attractive?
How to Create an Outfit Around Your Scarf
How to Style a Scarf as a Cowl Neck Top
How To Organize Your Wardrobe
W is for Wardrobe Capsule
Top 10 Most Popular Wardrobe Capsule Posts
0.08 You have posts and info on light values wanting to wear darker colors to appear more authoritative/ professional, but what about a dark value gal who wants to lighten up to look more in tune with summer, be more femme, more approachable? If inner column is dark, then jacket/vest/ scarf near face would be light, but then darker looks better near face? 2.46 I've had a few colour analysis' done with differing results. I am more creative/dramatic in my style, but still like having a few guidelines - any tips? 7.16 Could you talk about casual wear for various body types and footwear that's flattering as we are all living in leggings and how to style up for living at home?
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How To Wear Jeans and a Top for Your Personality Style
How to Choose to the Scale of Details and Accessories Based on Your Personality
Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 51

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