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Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 34

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

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0.08 How to get ideas for outfits when all the inspiration is on slim young women – it’s hard to translate this to my size 3.00 – Finding clothes that fit and are affordable when you’re short and plus size 8.13 – I’m a short waisted pear shape (A Shape) is there any way I can wear a belt to complete my outfit?  

Creating Outfit Ideas 

All My Best Tips and Inspiration for Putting Together Stylish Outfits

Getting Inside Our Heads with a Step by Step Guide to Putting Outfits Together

12 Work Outfit Ideas to Steal

10 Comfy Casual Outfit Ideas You Want to Copy Now

Dressing a Plus Size Pettite Body

Why Structure is Important When Dressing Plus Size Figures

The Best Clothing Alterations Based on Your Body Shape

Tips to Dress a Plus Size X

Size is Just a Label

Dressing a Short Waisted Body

How to Solve the Belting Dilemmas for Short Waisted Women

8 Top Tips to Dressing a Short Waist

How to Choose a Belt

In This Video

0.10 When should you wear nude shoes with dark hair and when should you wear dark ones for visual grouping? How to choose your best nude colour for a shoe? 5.17: Is a medium size necklace and small crossbody bag enough for colour contrast? 6.44 How to adjust my wardrobe for my new grey hair  

Shoe Selection

4 Things You Must Know to Match Shoe Styles with Your Pants

What is Shoe Vamp and Why Does it Matter?

How to Have the Perfect Wardrobe of Shoes

How to Find the Most Comfortable Shoe

Colour Contrast by Adding Element to Your Outfit

A is for Accessories

Handbag Shapes and Styles – How to Choose To Suit You

How to Choose Linking Pieces and Accessories to Co-ordinate Your Outfit More Stylishly

5 Ways to Use Accessories to Create Your Ideal Contrast

How to Choose Accessories to Match Your Personality and Occasion

Wardrobe for Grey Hair

What’s Your Best Neutral – Grey Hair

Choosing Colours When You Have Grey Hair But a Warm Skin Undertone

How to Accessorize Grey Hair

In This Video

0.09 Help me find my style. I seem to span many styles and like to change itup. I can find elements I like in most styles so have great difficulty determining the true me. 3.44 How to match the right accessories such as jewellery, shoes, handbags etc to clothes and also my body? 9.30 Is there a good way to train your eye to see warmth/coolness in colours?  

Finding your Signature Style

Discover Your Signature Style

The Inspiration You Need to Create Your Style Recipe

Tips on Finding and Defining Your Authentic Style DNA

Why Personality is the Key to Style

Styling with Accessories

Levels of Refinement

How to Choose the Right Colour Necklace

Does Everything Have to Match?

Finding Your Colour Value

Why Colour Analysis has Evolved Beyond the Seasons

What’s Your Ideal Value and How it Creates Balance in Outfits

5 Colour Concept Essentials You Need to Understand To Create Harmonious Outfits

Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 34


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