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Your Beliefs Are Not Legitimate. Your Faith is Misplaced.

Posted on the 22 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Your beliefs are not legitimate. Your faith is misplaced. you might think there's justification in God or Organised Religion or any other major belief system, BUDDHISM for example.
It's now a CRIME to question or belittle someone's FAITH. Can you imagine the idiocy of that? But not everyone's faith is of the Global Religious-indoctrinated flavour. Not everyone is banging the same ethical/psychological/ brain-washed drum. Some might believe that pixies make the world move by their mischivous actions. Some might see gremlins as to blame. Some might see magic electrons redrawing the universe frame-by-frame. Others might see a creation on the back of a turtle, supported by Dali-elephant pedestals. Others might see millions of light years of godless space.
These BELIEFS (any and all of them) need de-prioritising by our governments, because we DON'T REALLY KNOW anything. We're like children afraid of the shadow on his wall, or the cavement terrified by lightning. There's clearly TOO MUCH MONEY being made from Religious Concerns and Lobby Groups within our parliaments across the globe.
There is absolutely no proof that THE INVENTOR OF SPACE AND TIME(sic) exists, and mankind should not be made to suffer under some arbitrary invention in the name of FAITH.
Sorry, that's just how it is, how it should be. Reality or nothing.

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By Z
posted on 29 December at 23:55
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You're deeply confused and brainwashed.