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Your 12 Point Plan to Creating Harmonious Outfits

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

CREATE HARMONY in the details of your clothes and accessories

  1. Repeating the elements of yourself over and over in different ways in your outfit will create a really harmonious appearance.  How can you do this?
  2. Repeat the texture of your hair
  3. Repeat the texture of your skin
  4. Repeat the element of matte/sheen or shine that you have in your hair and skin.
  5. Repeat your colouring in your outfit. Wear your eye colour, hair color and lip color in garments or outfits.
  6. Repeat your natural contrast levels, both value and color contrast.
  7. Use your defining features to create harmony with your accessories and the detail and patterns in your clothing.
  8. If you’re curvy and cushioned choose soft draping fabrics.  If you’re hard and muscly, choose stiffer fabrics.
  9. Repeat the scale of your features in the scale of details and accessories
  10. Got a straight shaped body with an undefined waist? Then look for straighter more vertical clothing lines.
  11. If you’re curvy and more feminine in your body shape, then look for clothes that curve with your body, following the lines.
  12. And most importantly, harmonise your outfit with your personality to feel and look confident and fabulous.

There are just so many ways to repeat elements of your physical appearance in your clothing and accessories and you really don’t have to look hard to find them!

Alfia Galimova Design Grey Silk

Read about why this outfit is in harmony with my style here

Take Action:

Note down what you notice about your face and body.  Are you seeing more angles or curves?  Or are you a combination of the two?

Discover your colour and value contrast then go and play in your wardrobe creating outfits that reflect your natural contrast levels.

Decide if you are overall more textured or smooth, notice if your favorite outfits are in harmony (I can guess they most likely are!)

Figure out if you are more matte, have some sheen or are shiny and choose to wear accessories that reflect this element of you.

Join 7 Steps to Style and really understand how to enhance your natural features and discover your personality style for the best impact.

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whats my body shape

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