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You Watched What?

By Kristin1219 @kristinmarie55
I spend all day just about everyday conversing with 2-5 year olds.  So naturally,  what they watch in their free time at home comes up quite often.  It also is evident in their play quite often.  It general involves "hex girls",  "power rangers", "buzz lightyear" & Miley Cyrus...and lots of running, yelling and fighting.  I occasionally hear "My mom & dad dont let us watch Sponge Bob...they dont like it!".  I kind of have to laugh to myself and think back at our play as children. 

How different it was! Our mom would send my sister, my neighbor and I outside all the time. We rarely ever ever got to play inside.  And we of course immitated what we watched. But,  I can't say I remember myself,  or anyone I knew...playing like I see now.  And this is not a stab at parenting,  this conversation has nothing at all to do with parenting.  It is just what children's television has come to now.  It amazes me the adult jokes, underlying meanings,  weapons, violence, and "snotty-ness" I see & hear about on the shows geared towards younger children! I am thinking about these stories and seeing this play (which we strongly discourage at school....we tell our children to use their own brains,  come up with their own superheroes or their own games & ideas) and I have to think back to all of the shows we watched as kids. Of course in their own way can be argued as bad influences,  especially when referring to disney (which i personally LOVE...but am well aware of all of the controversies involving the disney films)....but I just think about how DIFFERENT they were.  Fun, Musical,  Light hearted.  As I gave this some thought....I few old favorite of mine came to mind.  Do these bring back memories for anyone?  What is your opinion of this on going arguement?   Let me know!  (and i hope some of these bring you back to you childhood moments!)

Rainbow Brite
The Popples

David The Gnome

Eureka's Castle
Lady Lovely Locks
Fraggle Rock!!
Ok, really,  they are obviously shows I watched as a little GIRL...boys may have seen some different shows in the early 80's....what were your favorites!! I want to hear all about them!

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