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You’re Invited: MILLION MASK MARCH – November 5, 2013

By Thesilentpal @thesilentpal

You're Invited Million Mask MarchGreetings citizens of the Philippines/CDO,

There was once, in the Arab worlds, two countries at war. Citizens around the earth feared that this might escalate to the next world armed conflict, until Anonymous came. With Anonymous aid, activists around the globe setup world wide protests and started to flood the internet with news of the inhumane actions.

Reporters got interested in the story and started investigating by contacting the people in both countries. But the evil tyrant, seeing that the world was watching, shut down the internet. In one day, hundreds of anons gathered in their head quarters and worked together to access critical servers that allowed them to install communication tunnels for the people to use. Via the tunnels they sent documents to victims, explaining how to protect themselves in this time of oppression and how to connect back to the internet.

Anonymous voice is united. We believe, we speak up and we make our own decisions. In the last few years, we have evolved from executing pranks for the LuLz to a movement of activism, free thinking, knowledge and wisdom. An influential alternative information source. We are the voice for the voiceless.

Make your voice unite with us and allow it to become an unrelenting force that will dismantle the corrupt, inhumane actions carried out by governments, wake up the blind and shine a light to a better tomorrow. Join us while we evolve and allow your own voice to gain the momentum of our united voice.

Change your life forever and join forces in an epic journey with Anonymous. You can become Anonymous. All you need is the will to stand for whats right.

You have two choices. Learn accepting the truth and evolve from it or to fear the truth and let it control you. Your pick.

The corrupt fear us.
The honest support us.
The heroic join us.

In 2013, Anonymous is expecting you.
We are Legion .
We do not Forgive those who oppress ordinary people.
We do not Forget that we fight freedom and peace.
United as one, Divided by none to the whole collective
Corrupt Government is to late to Expect us.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November
The Gun powder, Teason and Plot
I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot.


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