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You're Going To Miss This

By Cait @caitscozycorner
The other night we were trying to put Lily down to bed. We were snuggling with her in our bed and pretending to sleep. Lily would cover both Zach and I up with our sheets and blanket, kiss our cheeks, forehead and nose and then lightly pat our head saying "Night Night Mommy" "Night Night Daddy" before burrowing herself under her own blanket and pillows in between us. Zach and I would giggle to one another listening to her pretend to snore loudly and within 2 seconds she'd bolt straight up, tear our covers off and say " I UP! "
You're Going To Miss This
I remember Lily being a two day old peanut. She was such a little talker even at a few days old but she loves looking around, taking in her surroundings and being comfortable snuggling in your arms. Fast forward two and half years later and I have a vibrant, free spirited, sweet toddler on my hands. We have our moments. The good and the bad. I'll take them all.
You're Going To Miss This
This went on for a good 10-15 minutes before we realized we'd probably be waking up a sleep deprived toddler in the morning for school since it was past her bed time. I picked her up, carried her to her room and placed her in her own bed. It was one of the moments where I just knew I wanted to remember because life goes so quickly.

I remember listening to "You're Going to Miss This" when I was totting around a huge diaper bag, a milk stained shirt from the past 2 days and a cranky newborn thinking it has to get better. And it did. It so did. It's moments now that I may even miss those long nights of being only on 2 hours of sleep, of waiting for Lily to be comfortable while I nurses or anxiously thinking about her bright future. So I'm writing them to share with you all, in hope that you remember the little moments with your kids, your friends and your family. One day, you'll miss it and wish it could last forever. Keep living in the moment and cherish very single one of them.
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